They Don't Know About Us

It was just another normal day for Sarah Palvin. She was visiting her grandmother's hotel.

An unexpected visit from her favourite band brings her closer to them making them want her in a video. To go with them to England was a huge responsibility.

Faking love and dealing with the fame.

She's quite a bit younger then the boys and when she was supposed to fake love, she literally fell in love, HARD! For someone that is almost 3 years older than her.

No one asked for their opinion on things. They didn't know about them. Together. And how much they meant to one another.

The only thing holding Jessica back is the fact that she could get hurt.

Join Sarah, One Direction and more in They Don't Know About Us

A story about fame, love, falling in love, laughs and being hurt.


1. First Scene


Sarah’s POV


I can’t believe how much I was missing out.  Forever I wanted to go to a One Direction concert but I was never quick enough to get tickets. My best friend and I sat on our butts waiting for ticket sales but damn. Those directioners are fast! When they are finally in the country, we with no tickets, had to spend the weekend at my grandma’s hotel. She has been running it for about 10 years. She was never actually there for some reason so she had lots of employees. I guess she’s getting too old for that kind of business.


When most people think of a hotel family business, they usually think that I’m rich and spoiled with clothes and everything I want. Well if anyone is asking I am not rich. Actually, my mom dropped out of the business because she wanted to make a family somewhere out of the city.


It actually kind of a pathetic hotel if you ask me because no one really goes here.


What I’m trying to say is that it's an unknown hotel. We do get the odd famous person here which is pretty cool. Rarely though.


Anyways, My parents just ditched me last night and I’m completely bored! I pulled out my phone... Who to text? My best friend is away camping this weekend which according to her mother is a ‘cell phone free place’.


The worst part is that since my grandmother is actually back working again. She makes sure that i'm up early. Like 7:00 early. ON A SATURDAY!!!


When no one was looking, I went down to the lobby. Like no one was there so I went over to the rocking chair in the corner.


Hmm.... Well It couldn't hurt to sleep a bit more... I know, I know. Imma rebel!


And sleep I did.


Niall’s POV


Canada so far is really chill!...


Get it? Chill... Canada’s cold. AHAHAHAHA!!!!!! funny.


I am extremely tired! Like HOLY! The sleep in the tour bus was stressful.


This morning I was glad to get out of there because I was starting to really get claustrophobic in there. We got booked in a really unknown hotel so the fans don’t totally have a clue where we are...


When I stepped out of the bus I saw this cute fancy hotel. Maybe it won’t be so bad. I could tell the guys thought that too except Zayn. Zayn doesn’t like the whole going to small hotels thing because he thinks that the bigger the better assistance. We all grabbed our suitcases and went inside. I was blown away on how nice this place is. Zayn looked better. I was just about to go to the front desk when Harry spotted this sleeping girl in the corner of the lobby. She had long brown curly hair. She looked completely tired. She was only wearing her pajamas!

I kept on going to the front desk. I guess it was the hotel cat but a cat jumped up on her. Harry spotted it. OH SHIT. HARRY! HARRY! HARRY! NONONONONO! He immediately perked up.


“WOW! That is one large cat!” He yelled.


“ I’m going to pet it!” Harry insisted. He started to walk over to this girl. HARREH, STAHP!


“Guys, Come on, Don’t bother her.” Liam said as he watched Harry kneel down beside her and pet the cat. LISTEN TO LIAM! Zayn went over and started to pet her slipper. WE’RE GONNA GET KICKED OUT I JUST KNOW IT! I finally gave in to enjoy the fun.


“Come on she’ll never know, she’s sound asleep.” Louis said standing over Harry. I wonder what she’d do if she woke up? I went over and started to pet the cat on the other side of the girl. WHAT A FAT CAT! Liam shrugged his shoulders and went on the same side as me and pet her other slipper. We are all laughing quietly trying not to wake her and freak her out. Louis went over to her head and grabbed the end of her hair and pet it. Then he sniffed it. This was it. Damn...


“It smells like gumdrops and RAINBOWS!!!!!!!” Louis yelled so loud that the old man reading the newspaper across the lobby was startled. Louis blew it..... Her eyes shot wide open. DAMMITDAMMITDAMMIT....




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