i will love him till the end of time..

normal girl like me starts a relationship with zayn malik every goes just well but will it end or carry on?..................................................


2. the day i met him.

it was friday and ally,lauren,ella all slept mine we was all going to see one direction on saturday and my mum was taking us there and picking us up so we all had a girly night in.i rang ally and said are you coming yet she said am outside i put the phone down and ran to the door hugged ally and said come in come in so she did and then my mum started to talk to ally for ages so i pulled ally away and said ok mum bye we are going up stairs now ok love she said.then the door bell rang again it was lauren we all sat on my bed and started to talk about ella and justin then ally started to go on about how such a dick he was and all this and then ella came running up but not on her own with justin i said to him what are you doing here we are having a girly night in i asked him am staying he said what i yelled who said that i asked your mum he said back oh ok then i said back then lauren walked off pushed justin so i ran after her and said whats up she said its ment to be a girly night not that fucking cunt with us do you know what am sick of this ella bringing him everywhere with us i said to her dont worry lauren ignore him so we walked back into my room and started to read one directions tweet on twitter ella and justin sat on my hand chairand started to snog.i got annoyed with them kissing and doing stuff all the time get a room i said ella said we have got a room this room babe ally grabed my arm and said ignore her malik ignore her so i did my mum called us down and we had pizza coke and a massive cake after we all went back up stairs and put a love movie on we all put and nice clothes on and got nice and comfy.,we stayed up to 3 o clock in the morning and then we all fell a sleep.

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