i will love him till the end of time..

normal girl like me starts a relationship with zayn malik every goes just well but will it end or carry on?..................................................


3. the day i met him 2 x

it was the time i was going to meet one direction i was so excited my heart was hammering faster and faster we all got up and went down stairs and had some breakfast then we went back up stairs got dressed and put our make up on my mum yelled am nipping asda ok love yeh i said back so i turned my music on blasting so loud that everyone in the street could here we was listening to jessie j me,ally and lauren jumped on my bed and started to dance and sing but ella and justin were still in the bath room doing what ever they was doing but they have been in there for nearly half hour now i started to worry in the end i just shouted hurry up in the bath room jb and ella they came out and said simmer down boss ally then said why are you so gobby justin ella said shut up dog face cow is that even a word lozza said i stepped in and said stop stop stop just stop so ella and justin said we are justing nipping ella bye we will be back for the concert,ok bye i said.it was  o clock and ella and justin came mine and we had something to eat and then my mum and dad gave us all 30 POUND  so i said no mum we have all got are own money then she said babe we have won the lotto what!!!!!!!!!! i said and how much 3 million omfg mum and then we all started to laugh and dance and just have fun my mum and da were rich woooooooooo me and ally said ahahah.we all got in the car and my mum drove us to manchester we lined up and started to dance to the banging tune what was playing (kiss you)

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