i will love him till the end of time..

normal girl like me starts a relationship with zayn malik every goes just well but will it end or carry on?..................................................


1. i wasnt that type of girl

i was the type of girl who would get called and bullied to my death but i would never give up am smart and doing my a levels in school for drama i would never let people put me down. My grandad  always told me too  walk with your head held hight so thats what i did. it was a normal day i got dressed for school and then my phone bleeped so i picked it up and read the messages it was from my friend ally saying morning smart arse she always made me laugh i called her and said morning dog face we moved laughed loud she said to me shoes and i said my red ones thern she said pink top and leggings yeah i answered soooooo have you heard about one direction coming to town she said yes i have i said we both screamed and started singing kiss you yes we both love 1d and my 2 other friends lauren walked into my room and we all started singing lauren and ella lived next door to me well ella is my sister and lozzaa is my cousin so they practicly live with me then ally said omg ive got us all tickets to see 1d on saturday we all screamed and said really really really and then ella said wow wow wow wow hold your horses we all laughed no she yelled am not joking what about jb justin bieber she was in a relationship with justin just to let you know we are all 19 am still in collage like ally and lozza.then ellas phone rang it was justin she was speaking to him for 3 hours.......... in the end i just said tell him come round so he did he ran into my room picked her up and started to snog her, but me ally and lauren just walked out lauren said they are all over each other and then i said has she done it with him? well shes always with the idiot ally yelled yeah if you guesed we are all not big fans of him.

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