Jade cant take it anymore. All Lucy's ever done is be horrible to her. But can she stand up for herself? Or will all that she has left tumble down.


1. Lucy's games.

She'd always been like it. I guess it was just her personality. I'd put up with it for years-seven to be exact. And maybe i was tiered of being pushed around! Maybe Lucy should have realize that i'm a person, i have feelings-maybe she should have stopped ignoring that. But sometimes I'd wonder if she's really with me. If she was listening to a word i was saying, or if she was just too wrapped up in her self to care.

I'd love to say I didn't mean to do it-but i did. I'd love you tell you it was an accident-but it wasn't. I meant to hurt her. I meant for her to feel the pain I'd felt. The pain she'd attacked me with when ever she laughed at me, the pain i felt when she lied about me. The pain I still feel now even though it's over. Words can't be erased no matter what the person may say to cover them up. Words like 'EMO'  'FREAK'  'LONER'  'LOSER' So what if i liked loud music and dressed in blacks and reds? So what if my only friend was Lucy-the one who bullied me all along? People didn't hate on my because of that,  they hated me because Lucy hated me. Lucy was mean-so they thought it was okay-it was all just a game of 'follow the leader' to them. But to be the one boxed in, to be the one that every ones talking about, the one who the the smirks and sly words are aimed at, it's not a game to to be that person. Because all you want is to get out. To run away from the jumble of sharp words that would be thrown at you that day and I was always that person.

A day before I did it she'd come up to me after school with her group of loyal followers. 'You ugly cow.' she'd spat, 'i hear you cant keep your ugly paws of my man.' I'd never even spoken to Jordan Harris, Lucy's boyfriend. The only words he'd ever spoken to me were 'Oi! scummy-girl! move your scummy butt off this table!' Why would I ever be interested in someone who's mind is so dim they can only come up with such unimaginative names like 'scummy-girl'? Huh! 

'I haven't touched your boyfriend Lucy-i don't even like him.' i mumbled. 

'Oh please!' she had smirked, 'Jordan's fit as! you'd do anything to steal him off me!' Ugh! she was always so sure she was right.

I sighed, 'Look Lucy, I don't like Jordan-he's not my type okay?' Lucy had glared at me for a few seconds before replying.

'...Not your type?' she raised her eyebrows. I shook my head. Lucy had snorted. She turned to her friend Ellen Joyce behind her and said,

'You were right El-she's definitely a lesbian.' Her words were like a hard slap around my cheeks. How could she say that? I mean yes; Lucy always bullied me in front of her friends, but when they were alone she was a nicer. My cheeks flooded crimson and Lucy laughed, 'Awwww! Have i upset Jade?' she mocked. then her voice dropped to a whisper, Sorry lesbo but you're not wanted here.' Her friends laughed and Ellen had stepped forward and said,

'C'mon Lucy, we don't her to start crushing on you!' linking Lucy's arm. 

'Too right.' Lucy smirked as they had walked away. One of the boys-Daniel Taylor had said loudly to Lucy,

'Told you all the Emo chicks were lesbos.' This wasn't fair! I wasn't one! They had no right to talk to me like that and accuse me of that without proof! 

'I am NOT a lesbian!' i yelled at them. But they'd just laughed, not even turning around. That's how Lucy liked it, me alone and her playing her games that were always so cruel and upsetting. 






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