Jade cant take it anymore. All Lucy's ever done is be horrible to her. But can she stand up for herself? Or will all that she has left tumble down.


2. Cuts

My mum used to say Lucy was jealous of me. A few years back i had curly blond hair and freckles, I had a nice figure so I wore girly pink and blue tight fitting dresses. But now my hairs dyed black and  I cover up my freckles my the vast amount to make up i use. My girly figure is covered by the tight red and black tops i wear. As time passes, things change they say, but if you think about it, as time passes people change. Lucy still dressed in pink dresses, but now they were short and more like big T-shirts than a dresses. Now they fitted tightly over her curvy thin body-maybe too tightly. As time passed she bleached her hair and wore extensions, covered her face in orange foundations and fake tan covered her pale skin. She looked different  But so did I. My mum used to think Lucy and I were best friends, because Lucy would come round and drown her is her lies. But when we were alone...the bullying would start. 

But what Lucy had said today hurt miles more than the rest of the stuff. She'd come up to me and accused me of being something I wasn't-and actually even if i was there's nothing wrong with it, then, she'd gone and told every one.I opened up my laptop and logged on to Face Book after I had arrived home and found her status as; OMG GUYS!! GUESS WHO'S TOTALLY LESBO?! JADE GREEN!! STAY AWAY FROM HER IN THE CHANGING RMS!! SHE'D PROBS PURVING ON YA'LL!! :O 

The comments hurt just as much;


Well, any1 who dresses like a freak is bound 2 be 1 :p

Haha what a little freak!! 


FAGGOT!! -Katie Scott

YEAH! -Ellie Cooper

Tears started falling down my face.

I clicked on my messages,

You little creep. Stay away form me-ok??!!

Sad attention seeker-keep you and your girl lovin'-emo ways away from me-i dont want to catch anything.

Go away goth-head. No1 wants you here.


Leave emo. Nobody wants you here. 

My breathing was out of control. How could she? I mean this! This was worse than ever before, because people believed this. The names people were calling me were hurting like knives, I finally knew how it felt to be in a person in a situation like this. The pure pain and fear of logging in to my face book account to find what horrible messages had been sent to me that day. It wasn't right...no one should have to go through this. 

I slammed my laptop shut. I went to the kitchen and grabbed the calving knife. Mum would be out for hours, it's not like she would know. I quickly cut down my left arm. The pain was unspeakable...but it was good. It felt like a weight was being picked up off my shoulders. So I did it again. three or four times. I soaked my fingers in the blood. It was dark red. I washed the knife and put it back and stared and the running blood on my arm.  I stared at it for ages, and then started to cry. 

I ended up crying on my bed for hours, my eye makeup turning the pillow black. I thought of when I was younger. When nothing felt wrong. When I could dance around the house in just my knickers and not think anything of it. when Dad would come home from work and call me 'his little angel'. When Lucy would come over, and we'd drink milk out of tiny tea sets and pretend to be all grown up. But it's not like that. It's not like that now that we're grown up. It's funny i guess; when I was little all I wanted was to be older, I wanted to be fifteen...but now i'm finally fifteen, all i want is to be little again. 

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