Jade cant take it anymore. All Lucy's ever done is be horrible to her. But can she stand up for herself? Or will all that she has left tumble down.


3. Alone

what was wrong with me? what was wrong with my head? why were all my feelings just all muddled up in to one big fat mess?! all i could do was think of how rubbish everything was. so alone. so distant from what was happening around me, the mess of my mind had swallowed up my feelings. i didn't know what to do..what to do with my self. 

it had been a day since the rumors and lies were sent out. two weeks since my life truly started to crumble. it was all Lucy. all Lucy's fault. i was angry, i was hurt. more than ever before. people's words hurt me every time and when they were spoken, the pain inside me, stayed unspoken. everytime they laughed, every time they lied, hurt me more and more. 

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