One direction imagines

One direction imagines. Your name and what boy and what will happen.


2. For oli

It was the most amaZAYN experience ever. Having the guy of your dreams marry you. After the wedding Zayn Malik swooped me up his arms and carried me bridal style to our Mercades. It had in the back "Just Married". My friends and family waved goodbye as my husband carried me. He carried me to shotgun and we buckled and were off to the beach. "I love you oli". He said and looked over at me then grabbed my hand. "I love you to Zayn". We both smirked and turned on the radio "As Long As You Love Me" came on. Zayn started to sing to me but finally we arrived at the beach. It was private but real cool. A longhouse. Zayn wanted me and I wanted him, but I don't know if I was ready for a baby. We headed inside but he carried our things. I was nervous. "Mrs. Malik look I love you with all my heart that's why we got married but I don't know if your ready for us to have a baby Malik in our marriage. If not that's fine but do you?". I didn't know. "Yes.....". Why you may asked that I said yes well I married him because I love him and would do anything for him. (Idk if oli wants me to describe what happens so I won't) anyway zayn and I did it but the next day we got dressed and ready went scuba diving but all off a sudden PING I lost my ring in the tank! We explored for hours.... Not a sign. Finally 3 hours later he found it. We were in our scuba diving outfits and he got down on one knee like when he proposed took my hand kisserd each of my fingers and returned my ring. We then kissed. "Oli I love you and you are mine". "Same for you zayn". "Promise me one thing"? He asked. "What".? "That no matter what you wil love our baby". "I will". He smiled the smile I love and we walked hand and hand down the beach.
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