One direction imagines

One direction imagines. Your name and what boy and what will happen.


3. For Fer

I was walking down the boardwalk shopping because my friends had a baby shower to attend and. I was bored. So I got some new items as I walked and looked through stores after coming out of Shack Cat a random sunglasses store I heard screams. I looked down to see Niall horan being chased by a mob of random girls. Trust me I was a true directioner but not a stalker. As he came my way and other girls joined in. When he came near my way I grabbed his wrist. Letting it sink in for a moment I touched Niall James horan. Well I snapped out of day dreaming and literally pulled his arm off and took him down a back alley while the girls chased along. I have to admit it was kinda fun! "Hi I'm Fer by the way". "Niall". "Are you ok"? I asked he looked green. "Ya". He nodded. Finally I had enough of these annoying girls. I pulled us into a different alley and we climbed a huge dumpster to a roof. Phew we lost those fans!! You can tell Niall is out of breath. "Are you sure your ok". "Ya if it wasn't for you I would still be running thank you Fer is there anyway I can make it up to you".? "Your welcome and I like you ad I mean your my favorite out if the band do you want to go on one date with me"? I asked hopefully. "Sure". "Ok where do you want to go".? "Lets just stay up here I will get the food you stay". I said and walked to Nandos quickly and got us food. When I got back he was on his phone. "Hey". "Hi". He said and fiddled with his collar. "Got us nandos". "YUM"!! We laughed. And then ate after a while we just talked about our lives. All of a sudden whoosh!!! He dropped water on me. "Got ya"!!!!! We laughed and got soaking in the end I won!! Haha. He had to go :(. We exchanged numbers. "I would enjoy doing that again Fer". He smiled "me to obviously". We laughed again. He kissed my cheek. Then left me in shock. I will for sure text him. Ttyl Niall!!
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