Before You Leave Me Today.

My name is Baileigh Johnson.I'm 19 years old and I was diagnosed with Leukemia.My boyfriend Harry,Yes Harry Styles,Doesn't know yet,And how I'll tell him is beyond me.Until my time comes I will live life to the fullest and spend every second with him.


2. They Can't Know.

Harry's POV

We arrived at the hospital.Baileigh was being checked over while we waited in the waiting room."Oh my god.'' Zayn said."What if she's not ok!" "Zayn! Don't say that! Shes ok its just a little nose bleed.She'll be alright." Zayn took a deep breathe."I just don't want anything bad happen to her..."Zayn said.

Baileigh's POV.

A doctor came in,My legs shaking like mad."Ms.Johnson.We're you aware that you had Leukemia." "Yes doctor..." I said.He nodded."Your going to need treatment,Your aware of that to?" "Yes..." "We have set up a appointment next Tuesday at 8:30. Chemotherapy is very hard.But you seem very strong,And your friends?Do they know?" I shook my head."I'll tell them if you'd like.." My heart was beating like a drum."I...They can't know..." The doctor kneel'd down."With the chemotherapy you'll lose all of your hair,I think they'll catch on."

A tear ran down my cheek."Ok...You can.." He nodded and patted my back."We'll fix you,Ok?" I nodded.We was lying.They can't fix me.

Harry's POV

A doctor came in and pulled up a chair."Are you Harry and Zayn? Baileigh's Friends?" "I'm her boyfriend and this is her best friend." Zayn gave a half smile."Ok um this is going to be hard for the both of you,But mostly Ms.Johnson." My heart beat faster then light."Baileigh has stage 2 Leukemia.She is aware but she wanted me to tell you." Tears came down like waterfalls and I fell to the floor.Zayn walked out of the room.Probably for a smoke.

I went into the room where Baileigh was staying.She was crying."Love?" She looked up and wiped her tears."Oh hey harry.." She flashed a fake smile.I couldn't take it.I wrapped my arms around her and broke down in tears.

"My baby...My ba-by" I said between sobs."I should have kno-wn." I felt like all my happiness was gone."Harry its not your fault.Please don't cry." I hugged her tighter.I heard Zayn walk in.I let go and wiped my tears.Zayn looked at her."Oh my god..." Zayn said and started to cry."Zayn don't cry its ok." She got up and hugged him.Zayn rubbed her back."I'm so sorry,boo." 



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