Before You Leave Me Today.

My name is Baileigh Johnson.I'm 19 years old and I was diagnosed with Leukemia.My boyfriend Harry,Yes Harry Styles,Doesn't know yet,And how I'll tell him is beyond me.Until my time comes I will live life to the fullest and spend every second with him.


4. There's something I have to say.

Harry's POV

Baileigh was getting ready to go to my mums for dinner.I was ready so I just waited downstairs.I picked up the phone and called my mum,I thought that she should know.

"Hello?" "Hey mum." "Oh hello love! how are you?" "Uh,I'm good.We have something big to tell you." She sighed."She's pregnant isn't she..." I blushed."Wha- No!" I heard Baileigh coming down the stairs."Uh I'll tell you when I get there,Bye." 

I hung up the phone.Baileigh walked down the stairs.She looked absolutely stunning.It literally took my breathe away."Wow.Love you look absolutely stunning." She smiled and pushed back a hair."Thanks babe." She said giving me a kiss.

We went outside.The breeze felt nice.Fans cheered.Yelling,"We love you Barry!" That was our shipping name.Baileigh waved to the fans.We got into the car and drove of to my mums.

When we arrived Baileigh smiled."I cant wait to see her again!" Baileigh and my mum had a really strong bond, Considering her mum died when she was 15.

We walked up to the door and rang the doorbell.The door opened to a wide smile and open arms."Hello! I'm so glad your here!" She hugged me and then Baileigh."Robin get out here!" She yelled.My step dad,Robin,Came out."Harry!How you been Lad?" "I'm great,How are you." He pulled me in for a hug."Oh Baileigh! Every time I see you you get prettier and prettier!" She hugged him."Thanks rob." She said.

We sat down at the table."I made your favorite,Baileigh,Steak with garlic.With a side of potatoes and vegetables." Baileigh smiled."Oh my god,Thank you so much Anne." Mum smiled and started to eat.

"Oh Harry what was that thing you had to tell me?" Baileigh looked over at me confused."Oh that...I'll tell you after dinner..." "Oh good! I made dessert!"

My mum loved to bake so she made us pie.Chocolate cheese cake with whip cream."So what were you going to say?" Robin said.I sighed."Well,Yesterday,Zayn had came over for breakfast and to see Bay.We were sitting down talking about stuff when she got a nose bleed...And she also coughed up some blood..." Baileigh looked at me,Her eyes were wide.She was motioning me to shut up but I didn't want to.They had to know."We went to the hospital.They ran some tests and we found out some heart breaking news..."

My mum and Robin stared at me with glassy eyes."Baileigh was diagnosed with Stage 2 Leukemia." Mum put her hands to her mouth and started to cry."Harry!" Baileigh whispered."I'm sorry she had to know."Baileigh shrugged knowing it was going to happen sooner or later."Oh Baileigh!" Mum yelled and hugged her,Sobbing in her shoulder.

Baileigh let out a tear.I knew it was hard for her.I couldn't help but to cry."How could this happen!" Mum yelled.She continued to sob."Mum..." I said.Robin got up and left.He was never the one to show his emotions in front of others."Baileigh I'm so so-rry!" She said.Baileigh patted he back as she cried along."Its ok,I'll get better."

After mum had cleaned up we talked for a while and then hit the road."Good bye love." My mum said to Bay."Bye Anne.I'll call you tomorrow." she smiled weakly.She walked over to me."Good bye Harry,I love you.Take good care of her alright?" I hugged her and kissed her cheek."I love you to mum.I will."

The drive home was quite.I think Baileigh's mad at me.We walked into our home,Baileigh went upstairs.I sighed and sat on the couch.

"Harry!" I heard her yell."Yeah?!" I replied."Come here!" she said.I slid off the couch and walked upstairs.She's probably going to yell at me.I opened the door.She was sitting on the bed,Hands in her lap."Whats the matter?" I asked.She got up and looked me int the eyes."I love you.I love you so much." She hugged me."I love you to babe." She let go and kissed my lips.I picked her up and set her on the bed.She ran her fingers through my hair."Show me." She said with a wink.I smiled.I knew I was forgiven.

(A/N I just wanted to make this a little happier! Thank you for reading! Chapter 5 will be up soon ;).xx)

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