Before You Leave Me Today.

My name is Baileigh Johnson.I'm 19 years old and I was diagnosed with Leukemia.My boyfriend Harry,Yes Harry Styles,Doesn't know yet,And how I'll tell him is beyond me.Until my time comes I will live life to the fullest and spend every second with him.


10. The night at zayns.

Baileigh's POV.

"B-bay..." He said softly.

"Yeah,Zayn?" He gulped and bit his lip.

He leaned in as if he was going to kiss me,is he..?

Zayn was about a inch away from my lips when he cleared his throat."Um.I'm gonna start dinner.." I nodded and sat back.My heart was pounding out of my chest.Was he going to-No Baileigh he wasn't.

I grabbed my bag and went into the bathroom.I changed into a oversized cardigan and see-through leggings.I put my hair in a messy bun with a knotted hair band.

I walked out and I could smell the food.Stir Fry.I smiled and walked into the kitchen. Zayn isn't the best cook but he try's and I think its sweet.

I sat on the counter next to him and watched stir the noodles. Zayn looked up at me.His eyes glided up my body till he reached my eyes.

He bit his lip."What are you wearing?" I shrugged.

"I must have grabbed this when me and Haz were talking.Its all I got..."

He swallowed hard.He didn't take his eyes off of me.I smiled."Boo..You're staring..." He nodded.It was like he was in a trance.

He sighed and looked down.

"Boo? Whats wrong?" I asked him.He looked up with tears in his eyes."Zayn?! Whats wrong!?" 

He shook his head and walked away.I turned off the stove,hopped off the counter and walked after him.

I slowly approached his bedroom.I heard soft sobs.My heart crumpled.I opened the door and walked in slowly.

"Boo?" He was under his blanket.

I sat down next to him and rubbed his back."Whats wrong?" I removed the covers from his face.He looked deeply pained.What could possibly be wrong!

"You know you can tell me anything!" He stood up in his bed.

"Baileigh...I..I love you."

I smiled."I love you too-" 

"No Bay." I raised my eyebrow. Zayn sighed."I mean,I'm in love with you."

My heart skipped a beat."You are?B-but..why didn't you ever tell me?We tell each other everything!"

"I would have..But you're with my best mate and you're pregnant with his child and-" 

I cut him off by hugging him."Zayn,It's ok.."

I let go of him about a minute after.He was beat red and he was biting his lip.


I cocked my head."Yeah?" 

He took a deep breathe."Can I please just kiss you...Just for once?I really need to get it out of me."

I smiled and leaned in.The kiss was like magic. Zayn moved in closer kissing me harder.I didn't want this but I felt so bad for Zayn. He loved me this whole time and never told me?

I wrapped my legs around his waist making me closer to him.


Zayn grabbed my waist and moved his lips down to my neck.I let out a soft sigh.

What about Harry!?

He began to kiss my neck.His fingers fumbled with the buttons on my cardigan.I bit my lip.I shouldn't be enjoying this but something was making me,As if I was drawn to him.

What about the baby!?

I had to stop him.I had to stop myself.But how could I stop something I always secretly wanted?

(A/N WOOOW well should they go further? Or stop? Comment your thoughts! :D)


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