Before You Leave Me Today.

My name is Baileigh Johnson.I'm 19 years old and I was diagnosed with Leukemia.My boyfriend Harry,Yes Harry Styles,Doesn't know yet,And how I'll tell him is beyond me.Until my time comes I will live life to the fullest and spend every second with him.


1. Morning sickness.

Baileigh'S Pov

I woke up in Harry's strong arms.He was so so warm,Peaceful,Happy..I wish I was like him.I pecked him on the lips."I love you" I whispered.A strange but familiar feeling came to me.My stomach...'Oh no..' I thought and ran to the bathroom.I locked the door and hovered over the white bowl.I threw up blood and food from the other night.Tears fell as I flushed the toilet.Why was I crying?This happens every morning.I guess I'll never get used to it.

I walked over to the mirror.My skin was pale and my lips were chapped.I ran my fingers through my hair.I don't want to lose my hair.Harry always tells me its so gorgeous and he loves to play with it.I'll never be pretty again.I wiped my mouth and brushed my teeth.I fixed myself up so it seemed like nothing ever happened.

I heard a knock on the door."Love are you in there?'' I smiled and opened the door.Harry was standing by the door.His eyes were droopy and his hair was all messy."Good morning." I said.Harry leaned down and kissed me."Morning beautiful." He said with his groggy morning voice.

We went down stairs and made breakfast."Zayn wants to come up and see you soon.He said he misses you." Zayn and I have been best friends for as long as I could remember.He's the one that introduced me to Harry.I smiled widely."I cant wait to see him!Its been forever!I need to get changed!" Harry sighed and went back to cooking.

I ran up stairs,Grabbed clothes and hopped into the shower.I was washing my hair when I felt strong arms rap around me.I blushed,knowing it was Harry."You don't mind if I join you do you?" He said with a cheeky smirk.I turned around and looked into his big green eyes."Not at all styles,Not at all."

When our long shower was over we went back downstairs.I smiled when I heard a loud knock at the door.I ran to the door and opened it to my best friend."Zayn!" I said and hopped into his arms."Oh its so good to see you boo!" His arms wrapped around me,And his lips pressed against my cheek.

I hopped down and led him in."Hey Harry." Zayn said giving him a hug."Wassup mate." Harry said.I knew Harry got jealous when I hugged Zayn,Or any guy in general,but I couldn't help it!"I smell waffles" Zayn said with a chuckle.

We sat down and ate our breakfast in the living room. Reminiscing about the old days and laughing about new ones.Harry's phone started to ring."I'll be right back,It's my mum.I nodded as he walked out of the room.

"How you feeling love?" I sighed."Not so well,actually.I threw up this morning." Zayn's caring eyes studied mine."This has been happening for a while,Haven't you gone to the doctor?" I nodded."And what did they say?" I choked on my words.How could I tell him?"They said that...They said...I have..Leu-" "Sorry about that." Harry said cutting me off.Thank god he did."Baileigh?You nose is bleeding!" I wiped my nose as the blood trickled down.I stared to cough, Zayn rubbed my back."Boo,Are you ok?" I looked at my hand.I had at least three hand fulls of blood in my hands."Oh my god.We need to take you to the hospital!" Harry said picking me up."We'll take my car!" Zayn said.

(A/N This is my second story! I hope you guys like it! I will be adding more chapters to Give Me Love so don't worry.)





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