Before You Leave Me Today.

My name is Baileigh Johnson.I'm 19 years old and I was diagnosed with Leukemia.My boyfriend Harry,Yes Harry Styles,Doesn't know yet,And how I'll tell him is beyond me.Until my time comes I will live life to the fullest and spend every second with him.


8. I'm Leaving.

Baileigh's POV.

It was a bit in the afternoon when we pulled up to the house.Fans were flooding the streets.I didn't want to talk to any of them,I was to upset.

I got out of the car and pushed my way through them."BAILEIGH!" They called,"TAKE A PICTURE WITH ME PLEASE!"

"No.." I whispered and marched along.

When I finally reached the door I slammed it open and charged upstairs,Harry following me.

"Babe,I'm sorry!" He yelled.I knew it wasn't his fault but I didn't want to stay here.Knowing him he would want to talk about them,And I really don't want to bring them up..

I took out my phone and texted Zayn. Perrie wasn't home,she was with the rest of Little Mix because in the morning they had a photo shoot.

I text'd Zayn.

"Hey...Can I come over for a little while?"

I grabbed a bag from the closet and put some tee's and pants in it.

"Baby why are you leaving?Where are you going!?" I sighed.

"I just want some time to breathe! We've been carrying on about the cancer and the baby and I really want to get out for a little while."

"Ok", He said a little upset.I sighed and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Baby,I'm not mad at you.I love you so much.." He looked down at my lips and then back at my eyes.

"I love you too..." He leaned in and teased my lips.I smiled.

"Harry,were not doing what you think were doing." He grabbed my waist and started to kiss my neck.

"Oh come on baby." He huffed.

I shook my head with a beaming smile on my lips.I knew I was teasing him.

"Pleeasse!" He said in a childish manor.

"Harry! How could we with the baby?" He released his head from my neck and licked his lips.

"I dunno...But we could try!" I laughed and put my clothes in my bag.

Harry sighed and flopped on the bed.I smiled down at him and sat next to him.

"Don't worry baby," I said giving him a kiss on the lips."There's only 8 and a half more months to go!"

His eyes got bigger and then he put his hands over his face."" He said.

I laughed and picked up my bag."Sorry daddy but,I can't do that!" I patted him on the back as he moaned in the covers.

"Why cant it just be 9 months already!" Harry said.


(Sorry I haven't written in a while! I hope you liked this chapter and sorry it was kinda short....I wonder what will happen when Baileigh goes to Zayns!??! ;** )






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