You Are My Only Exception

Janet Lourson is 20 year-old girl who hates herself. Why she hates herself? 'Cause: At first, she is half-Turkish half-British. Her father was Turkish but he died 10 years ago. Then Janet and her mother moved to England and her mother got married again. Her step-father Jack was behaved good to her. But that was just first reason she hated herself. Second: she was so skinny and everybody made fun of this. She still doesn't know why. Third: She has never had a chance. For nothing... Ah and did I mentioned her real name was: Alecia Emily Janet Mya Layla Lourson? Long isn't it? But it's just Emily Janet Lourson for her.

One day, Jack gave her a REALLY good chance for following her dreams. But, what if she falls in love with Louis Tomlinson?

A/N: Sorry if I have grammar mistakes. Hello there, I'm Turkish =)


2. Brand New Breeze

I woke up with the pain in my head. I fell asleep on chair with headphones on my ears last night. I had to stop my thinking about the things and questions in my head. But, really. What was the job that Jack and Mum were talking about? More important, why am I gonna do it? Summer holiday is for having a rest. What the fuck am I gonna do? 

I heard the door bell rang. Oh, c'mon! I'm in my PERSONAL home. The heck you want? 

I got up from the chair and went to the door. As I openned, Nate gave me a hug saying "JANET!!". It wasn't my day. I was tired and my back was hurting when I walk. 

"What the hell you want me to do this time Nate?"  

"C'mon AJ.Don't be like that. We are friends."

"Yeah yeah. Tell me about that." 

"Okay. I want you to draw something to me."

"What is it?"

"Armyna's portrait."

"Any photos?"

"Here." He said while he handed photo to me. 

"Hmmm. I will call you when I finish. Okay?"

"Okay. Thank you sooo much!"

"What is it for? Her birthday?


"Got it."

"I gotta go. See ya' later."

"Bye." I closed the door as he walked away.


After I finished my breakfast, Jack called me to say "get ready". I went to my room and stand in front of my closet. I was ready after 10 minutes . I wore my skinny jeans and a t-shirt inside my tunic. My phone buzzed so Jack was here. I got my bag and went out. 

"Hi." I said as I got in car.

"Hello love." he said.

"So what are we gonna do?" I said.


"I'm so excited." I said fakely.

"Hey love be happy. I found a job for you and you'll LOVE it."

"What is job?"

"I won't say." he said while smiling.

"Hint?" I asked.

"It's drawing."

"Now I love it." I said as he started driwing.

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