Lone Shadow

Calicia is the lone wolf. The packless one. Having a pack is all wolves ever dream of, but now she is cast out, and there's no food that can be found in the entire forest. Any day could be her last. It's her job to find the source of the missing food, and retrieve it. What can she do?

Pronunciation key:
Calicia - Cal-isss-ee-ah
Syanew - See-an-oo
Walnemazoi - Wal-knee-mah-zoy (Wal rhymes with pal)
Anuk - An-uk (Uk rhymes with puck)


6. Desire

When she woke up, Calicia found that Syanew was laid a few steps away, watching her.  

"Good morning, Anuk."


"Yes, it means Polar Bear"

"Pool-are bear?"

"Polar Bear.  It is a big white bear from Anotherworld."

"Okay.  Have you seen one?"

"No.  To see one you would need to spend many moons travelling the largest lake in the world.  I have heard about them in stories, though."

"Oh.  I would like to see one."

"No, you wouldn't.  It would destroy you, completely."


"Come on.  Get up!"


"I've been thinking.  We're going to find some water."



"And why should I trust you?"

"You don't know if you can trust somebody until you have tried.  So, will you?"


"I can test your hunting ability."

She looked at him, large and well built.

"You?  Hunt?  Never." she mocked.  He snarled playfully and pounced at her paws.  Stepping back, she laughed

"O...Okay!  Okay I'll go with you!"


"How come you suddenly decided to 'Disobey your personal rules'?"

"I don't know.  I guess I just decided to trust you.  Anyway, we've got to get going."

"No food?"

"I wanted to motivate you, so you can have some food once we find the water."

"That's not fair!"

"Isn't it?  Oh, well."  He stuck his nose into a nearby shrub and pulled out a clump of meat, then began eating it.  Calicia took a few paces back, then ran forwards, and pounced at Syanew.  For a while they rolled around, play fighting over the meat, until they collapsed into a pile of black and white fur.  Calicia took half of the meat, ate it, then said,

"No food?  Nonesense."

"Come on,we've got to set off."


So they did exactly that, and walked off into the growing light of the morning.

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