Lone Shadow

Calicia is the lone wolf. The packless one. Having a pack is all wolves ever dream of, but now she is cast out, and there's no food that can be found in the entire forest. Any day could be her last. It's her job to find the source of the missing food, and retrieve it. What can she do?

Pronunciation key:
Calicia - Cal-isss-ee-ah
Syanew - See-an-oo
Walnemazoi - Wal-knee-mah-zoy (Wal rhymes with pal)
Anuk - An-uk (Uk rhymes with puck)


7. Departing

By the evening, Calicia and Syanew had made good progress.  That had travelled very far, and begun to learn about each other.

"So, you know my name, but what's yours, Anuk?" asked Syanew.


"The name used by ancient warriors, meaning 'Rising Star of Dawn'."



"What does your name mean?"

"Dusk.  Or, more precisely, 'Dusk Before Light'."




"Oh really?"

"Really.  I was just thinking, our names kind of match a little, because you are Dusk Before Light, and I'm Rising Star of Dawn, if you know what I mean?"

"Yes, I understand.  Who named you?"

"My parents, of course.  If they don't get to raise their pups, they at least get to name them."

"Oh.  I made my own name, as any wolf shoud have the choice to."

"Do you think so?"


"Do you know any more of the 'language used by ancient warriors'?"


"And... will you tell me any?"

"That was not the question, but yes."

"Good.  So, what's first?"

"First, you must know the history..."

"When do we start?"

"When do you want to start?"

"How long have we got?"

"However long we're walking for, and that could be a while."

"Well, Let's begin, then."

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