The one who survivied

A young girl died on the Titanic and became an evil ghost.


2. The start of the sinking

I woke up to sirens going off I didn't know what was going on I ran to the door and looked outside we was on the second to top deck and the tempreture droped so much it was frezzing I wondered at first was it a fire but it was the complete oposite we were sinking I didn't want to die I was to young I wanted to be a teacher but the rest of my childhood to face I didn't mind dieing I just didn't want to go back to that care home a week before we started to sink the King family (Sam's aunty and uncle) wanted to adopte me I was over the moon and at that point all my dreams could of come ture I could be a teacher a nurse or whatever I wanted  but it just wasn't meant to be ahh the boat got lower so now it was up just above are ankles it was absoulotley FREZZING. Everyone was thinking they would solve the problem but the captin didn't tell us that there was a crack and we just crashed into a ice-burge! I had to survive this no matter what I needed to get a new  family I needed to pove I was a normal kid I just wanted to fit in.

The boat started to sink a little more now it was just below my knees I was still in my pj's because it was in the morning around 4:00 am.

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