The one who survivied

A young girl died on the Titanic and became an evil ghost.


3. The sinking in action

The boat was at its tipping point by now people are fighting for there lives people pushing and suving I couldn't find Sam I didn't see him for ages  and I was getting really worried I went back to his dorm his door was locked I had to swim under water but it was no use the water was pushing the door back I shouted to Sam to see if he was ok he sreamed 'HELP SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME' I remember his same words he said on that day I said to him everythings going to be alright it never was im such a idiot i knew it wasn't I swam to get as much help as I could but aparently they were to busy I said to them 'theres a nine year old boy traped in his dorm and your to busy with a adult who can deal with there self' what did they think they were going to do run off with the sinking boat!

The boat cracked in half, Sam was dead my life was ruined im a failer to Sam and Carol I should never asked her to go on the trip with me im not supposed to fit I am a odd one out.

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