The one who survivied

A young girl died on the Titanic and became an evil ghost.


1. The beggining

April 14th 1912 thats when I died I was only 9 I didn't know what was hapening I woke up to people screaming, people crying and looking for there child I won a competion to go on the biggist ship in the world the Titanic no one belived me in the care home I was the odd one, then when they heard I won everyone suddenly was so nice to me I said I won another ticket so they would do what I want it was so funny how much they would do to get out of the care home . I was so excited I made a new best friend on the ship  his name was Sam he had brown hair swiped to the right side and big brown eyes which shined in the sun.

We was having so much fun together we went on adventures his Mum was really sick and his Dad had to look after her so he went on the ship with his aunty and uncle and I went with Carol she was the only on who was nice to me she was the only one who didn't hit me when I done something wrong.

We had breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday it was amazing me and Sam stuffed are self until we felt we was going to explode!


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