Addicted to Your Love

Addison Hart is madly in love with Zayn Malik. He is equally madly in love with Addison. They are crazy about each other. Everything about her amazes him. Everything he does amazes her. The two are inseparable and can’t stay apart from each other.

Every kiss, every hug, every touch leaves them both wanting more. They are like each others drug leaving them addicted to each other.

Will it last or will something someone tear them apart?

**Things will start from the very beginning when Addison first met Zayn to where they are now. Relationships will be on the line, lies will be told, secrets will be told and friendships will be broken.**

{ Zayn Malik fan fiction! }


1. When I first met you

I had just gotten home from a long day at work. Even though it was only nearing barely 8 o’clock on a Thursday night. I am just about to pass out on my bed that I collapsed on to when I hear my phone go off. As I let out a muffled groan against the pillow I was burying my face in to, I slowly lift my head up from the pillow and reach over to pick my phone up from the table next to my bed.

I press the home button on my iPhone to make the screen turn on. Squinting at how high I had the brightness turned up, I quickly type my pass code in and turn it down a bit before I look at my messages. I had a new text message from my very good friend Danielle.

It read: Hey girl! Liam and I are having a get together with some mates at the Green Man pub. I’d like for you to come – you know it’s New Years, right, love?

My brows come together as I read her text. It was New Years? I press the home button on my phone to see what day it was. Sure enough, Danielle was right. It is New Years; I guess it must’ve slipped my mind considering the fact that I’ve been working so much.

I hardly pay attention to what day it is since I work all the time. I work as a front desk receptionist at a local dentist office that is close to my flat where I live. At least, it pays decent so it’s not too bad. I’m thankful to even have a job that pays well since I moved away from home after my father got remarried when I turned seventeen. My mother isn’t in the picture since, well, she passed away after being in a horrible wreck from a huge eighteen-wheeler that smashed in to the driver’s side, she died instantly.

The funeral was especially hard since I was so close to her. Being an only child, especially since I was fourteen when she passed, it was hard. She was the one that I told everything to, about what I did at school, with my friends, and the boy(s) I liked, just everything. My mother was the kindest person I’ve ever known. But now, she was gone. I am nineteen now so it’s been a rough past few years.

My step mom–Karen–isn’t so bad, but she still isn’t my mom, the one I grew up with and love with all my heart. I have my good and bad days but lately, things have been going pretty crappy lately, and I think I deserve to have a little fun. I should go spend New Years with my friends and have a drink or two.

I go back to Danielle’s message and reply back: Sure Dani! I’d love to go!

After I send the message, I set my phone down on the table beside my bed. I slowly rise up from the spot on my bed where I sat and began to get myself ready. It takes me a few minutes, but I finally decide on what to wear and begin to get myself ready. After a nice relaxing shower, I began the process of getting myself ready for tonight.

I picked out a cute black dress that came to my mid-thigh with a tulle skirt and sequins on the top along with lace and Victorian-like black leggings underneath. I pair the dress with a cute pair of black lace pumps with a bow on them, the inside a nice coral pink color. I styled my hair in pretty ringlets, which took me a while, and had put a cute black glittery bow in my hair. Black feather earrings dangled from my ear lobes along with a beautiful black necklace embellished in stones that hung around my neck.

My makeup was done how I wanted it, not too light or too heavy, just right. A set of black glittery bangles were on my right wrist, just like the silver infinity ring on my finger, in which my mum gave me a little while before she passed. That is one of the things I keep on me at all times, I never go anywhere without it. That is one of the ways I know she will always be with me, in my heart and mind. Lastly, I was glad I just recently went and got my nails done; French tips with a black stripe along the tips.

I am actually excited I decided to go since it has been quite a while since I went out on the town and had some fun. I couldn’t wait to get alcohol in my system, it’s been a while. I am also kind of nervous too, since it is going to be the first time I am actually going to meet Liam’s band mates in person face-to-face. I have only ever heard about them from Danielle. I can’t help but wonder if they will even like me.

Danielle reassured me and says they will absolutely adore me and how I am a fun outgoing and great girl to get to know. I hope I was; I wanted to make a good first impression since I’m going to be meeting them all shortly. I grab my black glittery clutch that had my phone and ID in case they card at the place. Soon, I was on my way.

After I make my way outside the building of where my flat is, I hail a cab. It soon pulls up and I get inside, shutting the door and straightening a few wrinkles out of my dress.

“Where to, miss? Headin’ out for a night on the town, yeah?” the driver asked turning to look at me. He was an older man who looked about in his mid-to-late thirties, unshaven and tousled hair.

“Yes sir. Uh, to Green Man Pub, please,” I tell him with a kind smile. He gives me a nod and a slight creepy cute-like smile.

I pull out my phone and shoot Dani a quick text telling her I was on my way. She responds back seconds later with a smiley face and telling me she couldn’t wait to see me. I smiled at her message, because it had been a while since I’ve last seen her. I send her a reply back and tell her I couldn’t wait to see her either. I was excited to see her.

About ten minutes later, the cab comes to a stop. “Miss, we’ve arrived at your destination,” he says as he turns to look back at me.

“Thanks,” I tell him and give him some pounds before I carefully step out of the vehicle and straighten out my dress once more while my hand tightens around my clutch that I was afraid of losing.

“No problem, love, have a great night,” he says before I give him a nod and a slight smile and slam the door shut.

Seconds later, he speeds off into the night, leaving me standing there. I turn and slowly begin to maneuver my way through the throng of people standing outside The Green Man. Now, to find Danielle in this crowd, should be quite an adventure. I couldn’t believe there were so many people here, already. The place was packed.

“Addison! You’re here!” I turn to see a tall and thin curly-haired girl standing there in stilettos and a cute cream colored dress, Liam next to her. His hair was buzzed short and he had amazing chocolate brown eyes.

“Danielle! I’m so glad you invited me!” I exclaim with a smile as she embraces me in a tight hug. She gives me a bright smile as we part from the hug.

“Glad to have you,” she says as Liam looks at me, a friendly smile on his face.

“Nice to meet you, love, I’ve heard so much about you from Dani, here,” he says with a smile as he pulls her tight against him. I couldn’t help but smile at them. They were too cute for words.

“Glad to finally meet you too,” I tell him as I put my hand out for him to shake. Instead, I am pulled into a hug.

“We don’t shake hands around here, babe, we hug,” Liam says with a smile as we part from the hug a few moments later.

“Come on, Addison, there are some people I want you to meet!” Danielle grabs my arm and drags me inside, through the immense crowds of people standing around, even straight past the bouncer who stood behind the red rope. I guess it was one of the perks of being famous and well-known. She leads me past the bar to a roped off section of the lightly dimmed atmosphere.

“Boys!” Danielle yells loud as she could over the pounding music coming through the speakers.

“Mates!” Liam yells which grabs the attention of the four boys who stood in front of me, the other four-fifths of One Direction. I knew each of their names and what they looked like, I just haven’t met them yet, until now. Each of the four boys looked over at Dani and Liam before their eyes trailed over to meet mine.

“Lads, this is my best friend Addison,” Dani says and wraps her arm around my shoulder as I look over at each of them. I swear, these boys are way too good looking. I didn’t want to look crazy since I was staring; they were too good looking to look away from and break my gaze.

I can’t help but lock eyes with Zayn, his dark chocolate eyes boring in to mine. His hair was styled up in a coif with his blonde streak showing through. I feel the heat rush up to my cheeks as I look at him. I quickly look away as Niall comes forward and pulls me in to a tight embrace.

“Nice t’ finally meet ya, love, Addison is it? ‘ve heard lots ‘bout ya from Dani here,” he says with a smile full of braces as we part from the hug. I’ve heard from Danielle and many crazy fans that he gives the “best hugs”. They even have a name: “Horan Hugs”, which I think is kind of cheesy but cute. She was right, he did give great hugs. I give him a nod and small smile in return.

Next, Harry came forward and pulled me into a hug along with a “nice to finally meet you, babe, I’m Harry,” with a cheeky grin on his plump lips.

“I know,” I tell him with a smile and open my mouth to continue, “It’s nice to meet you too. I’m Addison,” I finish with a smile.

Louis was the next to come forward. “’Ello there, love, nice to finally meet you, I’m Louis,” he says before pulling me in a tight hug. I smile and give him a small nod in response.

I am now met with a pair of beautiful brown eyes of none other than Zayn Malik himself. He was staring at me, I couldn’t help but feel my cheeks heat up again as I look up to meet his gaze, our eyes locked in a firm stare.

“It’s real nice to meet ya, beautiful, I’m Zayn,” I notice his eyes trail down my body. I continued to stare at the beautiful boy ahead of me not realizing my mouth was agape slightly.

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