Addicted to Your Love

Addison Hart is madly in love with Zayn Malik. He is equally madly in love with Addison. They are crazy about each other. Everything about her amazes him. Everything he does amazes her. The two are inseparable and can’t stay apart from each other.

Every kiss, every hug, every touch leaves them both wanting more. They are like each others drug leaving them addicted to each other.

Will it last or will something someone tear them apart?

**Things will start from the very beginning when Addison first met Zayn to where they are now. Relationships will be on the line, lies will be told, secrets will be told and friendships will be broken.**

{ Zayn Malik fan fiction! }


3. On my mind

The lads and I didn’t make it back to the flat until close to two. It had been one of my better nights I’ve had in a while. I wasn’t really planning on going out because I wanted time to myself so I could think about many things that were going on. I am glad the guys forced me to go out with them and live it up a bit instead of being cooped up inside all night.

For one, Perrie and I just underwent a breakup, a pretty tough one at that. She broke it off because she couldn’t handle being famous in a girl group of her own slowly rising to fame and dating someone like me, who was in one of the most successful boy bands in the world. It has been pretty difficult for me, because, I was in love with her. I really loved her. That all went down about four months ago.

Tonight, if I never decided to go out with the boys and their girls, I don’t think I would have got to meet Addison. She was the prettiest girl I’ve seen; I don’t think I’ve ever met someone like her. She seemed different and I liked that about her.

I also liked the fact I could be myself around her instead of what the fans all think I’m like just because I’m famous and in a boy band. I mean I am famous and in a boy band but how I am on stage was quite different as opposed to how I am when the lads and I aren’t performing every single night. Off stage, I was just…Zayn, the normal boy from Bradford, England.

“Talk to you lads in the mornin’, think I’m goin’ to hit the sack,” Harry mumbles once the five of us, plus Eleanor and Danielle, who was with each of their boyfriends, make our way off the lift on to our floor.

“Night Haz,” we all reply as we head our separate ways to each of our flats. Liam and Dani’s flat was right next to mine.

“Zayn, what did you think of Addison?” Danielle asks looking at me as she pulled her hair back from her face. As she says her name, I can’t help but try not to break out into a smile but I do anyway.

“She’s a great girl, we sat and talked a while and got to know each other, we even exchanged numbers,” I reply with a smile as I stare at my mate’s girlfriend.

“Awe, I’m glad Zayn! And I couldn’t help but wonder who you were texting after you came back inside,” she says with a cheeky smile and nudges my shoulder.

“That is confidential, Dani,” I joke with her as feel my phone buzz as if it was on cue. It had to be Addison, because I remembered to tell her to let me know she got in alright. Sure enough, it was from her. A smile slowly appears on my face as I stare at the screen of my iPhone 5.

“I wonder who that’s from,” she states in a joking tone while Liam unlocks the door. I smile and roll my eyes at her remark as I turn and open up the door to my flat with my key.

I walk inside and shut the door, locking it in place, my eyes still glued to my phone. My eyes scanned across the text I had just received from Addison.

Hey there! Just texting you to let you know I made it home. Had a great night with you, talk to you soon! I’d love to see you again! Night xo c:

I send her a reply back almost immediately. As I text her back, I can’t help but smile. I couldn’t wait to see her again; I really wanted to see her again soon.

:) see you later, beautiful. Sleep tight and sweet dreams.

After I send the message, I decide to go take a shower. I head for the bathroom and pull my shirt off, tossing it into the hamper as I walk into the bathroom for my shower. After my shower, I slip into some boxers along with a pair of pajama pants before I head off to bed. I was exhausted from being out all day and being at the party. By the time my head hit the pillow, I was already passed out. Thoughts of Addison invaded my mind the rest of the night. I really couldn’t help but wonder when I will see that beautiful girl again. Hopefully, I’ll see her soon, because I’d love to see her again.

Rolling over in my bed, I let out a groan from my parted lips as I open one of my eyes only to shut them again due to the brightness of the sun coming in through my windows. It was too early. After a few minutes of lying there, I get up and pull my blinds shut before slowly meandering my way back to my bed to pass out again.

As soon as I lay down, I hear my phone buzzing. Whoever it was, I wanted them to fuck off, it’s way too early and due to my drinking last night, the last thing on my mind was to get out of bed. It finally stopped buzzing a few minutes later, which meant it most likely had to have been a call from someone. I reach over and grab it and press the home button to see who it was from. No one was calling me, it was actually a text message, two actually.

One of them was from Addison. The other one was from Louis. I type my pass-code in so I could read the whole message because it got cut off. I went and read Louis’ first, which said: Hey, mate! We have an interview at eleven, remember? Don’t be late, or I’ll send Paul to get you!

I glance at the time on my phone to see it was 10:30. Shit, I’m going to be late! I think to myself as I rise up quickly from my bed and begin to rush around my room. I pull off the pants I slept in and put on a pair of jeans and slip on a shirt over my bare torso.

I text him back and tell him I was up and getting ready and that I’ll be there soon as I possibly can. As I walk into the bathroom, I brush my teeth and apply some deodorant and cologne since I didn’t really have time for a shower right now.

It takes a few minutes, but I get my hair styled how I wanted. Now that my hair was fixed, I was ready to go. Grabbing the keys to my flat along with my phone, I rush out the door and lock up. As I rush down the hallway, I pull out my phone so I could reply back to Addison. I tap on her name to pull up the conversation.

Her message read: Morning! I know it’s early and I bet you’re still asleep. I’m at work, been here since 8 and work ‘til 5. Such a long day. :/ come save me? (;

I smile as I read her message before I begin to reply back: I’m up already, too. Have an interview to get to with the lads. I’m sorry, wish I could ;) what do you say I come pick you up when you get off & we grab a bite? (:

About right after I hit the blue Send button so I could send my iMessage, I had an incoming call from Louis. Rolling my eyes, I answer the call and put the phone up to my ear.

“Yeah?” I say into the receiver.

“Zayn! Where are you, mate? We’re outside waiting for you to get your lazy arse down here! Hurry up!” Louis practically yelled into the phone. I step into the lift and press the button to the lobby, pulling my phone away from my ear at his loudness.

“Alright, alright, Lou, I’m comin’!” I retort and lean against the wall of the lift while it goes down to the lobby.

“Okay, mate! Hurry soon!” I hear him state in a chipper tone before I end the call and slip my phone back in the pocket of my jeans.

The elevator soon dings in a loud tone as the doors open slowly. I walk out of the lift and begin to look around for the lads. As I step outside, I notice them standing next to a van with Paul beside them.

“Hey lads, sorry for runnin’ late, I overslept,” I tell them. They all give me a nod in response. Paul speaks up a few moments later.

“Alright, lads, best be goin’ now,” Paul says pushing us toward the van. We all pile in and were soon on our way to our interview. I was seated beside Harry who was busy on his phone, most likely checking his Twitter feed. I let out a sigh as I sit there in the moving vehicle.

My phone begins to buzz in the pocket of my jeans. I pull it from my pocket and glance at the screen to see it was a reply from Addison. I couldn’t help but smile to myself as I began to read her reply. I’d love that. Good luck with your interview! See you around 5:30? (:

“Who you texting mate? Addison?!” Harry speaks up, glancing over at me with a smirk on his lips. I nod my head in response as I look over at Harry, feeling my cheeks darken a bit as he says her name.

“Awe, Zayn’s blushing!!!” he recalls with that cheeky smile of his.

“Sod off mate.” I mutter back as I begin to reply back to her. I send her a reply back telling her I’ll be there to pick her up at five, and ask her how to get there.

We soon arrive at the place for the interview. I couldn’t get her off my mind as we begin to get ready for our interview. Could this possibly go by a bit faster? I guess you could say I was already starting to fancy her.


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