Danger Of The Game

Brianna is going into her ninth year at her boarding school. She learns to fight off the evil in the world with her friends. Everything's real. Your worst nightmares. From Vampires to Ghosts. There are some good things too like Angels but you don't really see them. Brianna is cheerful, sweet, funny and brave but this year shes going to get a shock.


2. So the games begin?

I woke up and everything that went on yesterday came back to me. Me, my brother and friends will be in a competition together that might lead to death for a lot of us including me and my brother. I took a quick shower and put some black shorts on and a vest top. I grabbed my back with training things in and headed to the gym and training hall. When I got there hardly anyone was there. A few participants were there but there was only three others. At first I did a lot of running. I was going to need to be able to run good in the competition. I spent a lot of time working on my strength and stamina. I took a break every now and again to either get a drink or something to eat. Sometimes I just need to rest. I was planning on going to my survival classes and training but I was going to skip the rest to train more. It got to one o'clock and I went my survival classes. I sat next to Cherry and Alyssa. Before class I told them I was going to my training classes and survival classes only and I'd spend rest of my time training so maybe I would have a chance at the danger games. They agreed to come help me train after school because participants couldn't practice on each other.

I went to my training class. My luck. We was learning how to fight better. Sir said he didn't mind how we fight but he didn't want any really bad injury's. I got partnered up with this really stuck up and snobby girl called  Phoebe. She is small with shoulder length blonde hair that is in big curls. She smothers her face in make up everyday. Shes horrible, nasty and stuck up. She doesn't even want to be a protector or anything like that. Shes only here because she found out cute boys go to this school. She hates me but I find it funny because everyone hates her.

Everyone got in line to start the fight.We had to fight in front of the class so they could see how good or bad we was. Me and Phoebe stood and glared at each other. She smirked and then she declared

"I am going to kick your but and embarrass you that much your not going to want show your face around here"

I just nodded. I didn't want to talk I wanted fight. It was our turn. I got in my starting position. I glared at phoebe making fear show on her face but she quickly hid it with a smirk. I heard my friends shouting things in the background that almost made me laugh. I heard coach shout a loud go, then all of a sudden I had phoebe jump at me. I quickly dodge it and kick the back of her legs that made her fall to floor. You could hear the thud as she hit the mat. She quickly stood up. She threw lots of random punches. Only one hit me on my shoulder. I punched her round about where her cheek was and then I knocked her off her feet. She sat on the floor holding her bruising cheek looking like she was about to cry. Coach told me I could go but started shouting at phoebe asking if he taught her anything and that she would be dead if it was the real world. I walked off to go back to the gym to train.

I woke up to a alarm. Today was the day of the first task. I could feel the nerves in my tummy. I felt sick and my hands and legs shook slightly. I took a quick shower. I put some shorts and a vest top on. I quickly tied my hair up and headed to the hall. I saw the participants stood in a line outside the hall and in the line was my brother. I quickly ran to him and hugged. He whispered to me

"We need to work together in this. I have got Demi and Felix with us we need to work together. The others are just going to save themselves don't trust them." 

I looked at Demi and Felix, they gave me a smile and a wave then afterward they came up to me and gave me a hug.

Demi whispered to me

"We are in this together."

I nodded. I couldn't speak I was terrified to go through wit this. What if I'm not good enough? They will probably leave me and I'll die. We then heard them call us into the hall. We all walked slowly in a line into the hall where people stared at us while best friends and siblings were crying out to us telling us to do well and good luck. We all came to a sudden stop. We turned to face the audience. In front of us was a bag. I looked closely and mine said in small letters

Property of Brianna Shadow

It looked pretty full. Next to the bag was a couple personal items we would need. I saw a my lucky gun, my belt with my potions inside and a couple of other things i could need. Then I heard a voice through the microphone

"competitors grab what you need then make your ways to the pads behind you."

I walked forward a couple of steps my shoes making loud, squeaky sounds. I grabbed my bag put put the belt on then put my gun in the belt also putting all my other items in my almost full bag. Last of all putting my lucky bracelet on. It has a couple of secrets hidden in it. Dad gave it to me in my second year of school. 

I turned around then walking to the pads. Each foot step making a loud thud against the floor which echoed the room. I stood on the pad waiting to be taken to my destination. Finally every competitor was stood on the pad and I saw lights shoot up one by one. Next minute there was a massive flash. Next thing I know I'm not stood at school. I'm stood in a massive field.

The field was pretty dark, misty and creepy. A purple sky hung above our heads with flashes of lightening striking the sky every now and again. Dark clouds hovered above our heads. We all looked at each other. We all walked slowly off our pads as they lost its glow. I walked towards Demi, Felix and Leo. Leo put an arm about me holding me close. We all heard a growl. I gulped and turned around. 

There stood in front of us was a big group of monsters. Some bared there sharp teeth at us. I looked at the other participants they looked as scared as we did. We backed up slowly as the growled at us. I girl I didn't know screamed

"Run everyone quick."

We ran as fast as we could but then I looked back they was catching up on us and a few girls in the younger years was going to go if we didn't anything to hold them off. I slowed my pace down a bit so I could help the girls get away too. I shot a few of the monsters as the front. Most the girls got a head except two. One tripped and got lost and trampled on by the crowed of monsters. I few monsters stayed behind with her body then one of the monsters was about to grab hold of the other girls legs so I ran towards her and kicked the monster away from her. I took her hand and ran. We caught up with others and finally lost the monsters when we ran into a massive dark forest.

Branches from trees stuck out in odd directions that scratched against my skin. We finally found the others. My brother ran up and hugged me. He then he shouted at me

"Why did you do that? You could have gotten yourself killed."

I said to him calmly 

"I couldn't bare to see them little girls get hurt. They reminded me a bit of Amber. We wouldn't let Amber get hurt so I wasn't going to let them get hurt either. The monsters killed one of us a young girl from that was probably one year older than Amber.I think her name was Hailey cause I remember talking to her when she first came up to school."

He just nodded and muttered 

"Well done Brianna"

We all love Amber so the thought of her getting hurt breaks our heart. The girl I saved earlier came up to me and hugged me. She whispered

"Thank you for saving me I was so scared."

I smiled at her and whispered to her

"Its fine. If you need someone to be with you can be with us."

She smiled at me and nodded then whispered back

"My names  Ariel by the way but I know your names Brianna all the kids at school look up to you."

We set up a camp site kind of where we would keep watch, sleep, eat and all that. We put up two tents. Leo and Felix in one and me, Demi and Ariel in the other. We made a fire that made the dark forest light up a bit. I was on watch with Felix. I looked through the branches and saw a cloaked figure looking at me. Then they started to walk towards me. I help my cold gun in my hand as I shook slightly from fear. 

Who is it? What do they want? What are they going to do with us?




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