Danger Of The Game

Brianna is going into her ninth year at her boarding school. She learns to fight off the evil in the world with her friends. Everything's real. Your worst nightmares. From Vampires to Ghosts. There are some good things too like Angels but you don't really see them. Brianna is cheerful, sweet, funny and brave but this year shes going to get a shock.


1. Back To School

I was packing my bags quickly. Today I was going back to my school. I go to a academy where I stay all year. I come back for Christmas and the summer holidays that's it. I am Brianna Ariel Shadow, the daughter of the famous protectors. We protect the world by fighting off the evil. There is a reason not many people see monsters , ghosts and everything like that. Its either they obey the rules and stay hidden and cause no trouble or we destroy them for breaking the rules. We have choices on what we want to do when we are older. There are the protectors. They are like me and my two brothers James and Leo. My oldest brother is James hes almost he has two more years until he finish's the academy so he is seventeen. Leo he three more years so he is sixteen. I am fifteen still in training but this year I get to go on more trips outside of school to practice. I have long straight hair that is a cherry red. I was born with it I haven't dyed it my mum also had cherry red hair. My eyes are a light blue and I have pale skin. My brothers everyone thinks they are attractive. James he has blonde hair with blue and slightly silver eyes he is kind of tanned he get his looks from my dad. Same with Leo but he has black hair. He dyed it from red because he hated the color red on him.

Well I am not the youngest in the family I have a younger sister called Amber. She looks a lot like me and my mum but she has my dads eyes. Shes going to the academy this year with a couple of our friends that are her age. She isn't training to be a protector. Shes training to be a tracker and researcher. They keep an eye on all the monsters but if they need finding because they have broke the rules they decide if they are punished, destroyed and taken away to a prison guarded by the most deadliest monsters. They are on our side but they hate light and the human world so no one ever sees them but us. A few go mad so we have to control them with the light. They are a bit like vampires but a lot different. They fed on blood of animal, the light burns them but to kill the monster if they need to be killed in the prison they have to look into their eyes. It kills them instantly but before they let out a loud scream. If they refuse they look look at them and the monsters there skin burns so they have no choice but to look into their eye. We know what they look like because we can look at them with out dying. They hide underneath these massive hood. Their clothes are either long black cloaks or for girls long black dresses. They have the pale skin of the dead. The boys have black hair with a a fringe that covers one eye and girls have waist long wavy black hair. They have blood red lips but their eyes are what are amazing. It looks like there eyes are filled with wild fire. These are called Mortifer's. It means bringer of death to us really. I guess they are called that because they control death and they can see the dead a lot of the time.

Anyway if the tracker and researcher decides instant death they tell us how to kill them and we kill them. There is one more really important job. The healer. They are mostly humans that know about monsters or witches though. They might not sound important but they are. They are the reasons why we are still alive. They make potions or other things to heal us. They also make things so we can help the humans that are in shock from attacks. When they have nothing to do they also make us new weapons and make us more of the old ones. 

We get put into groups before we leave school. We get bout three or four protectors, two researchers and a healer. Sometimes a lot of healers stay at school to help though. They normally make the groups our friends though because it gets better teamwork . My Mum and Dad are famous because they have sorted out the worse attacks when many were killed trying. 

I could hear my mum shouting from downstairs

"Come on we need to set off now or your going to be late."

I looked around my room, it all looked pretty empty now it had all been packed. A lot had happened last year. There was a lot of training and my first boyfriend cheated on me. I also went out of school for the first time to practice. There will be a lot more of that. I grabbed my rucksack put it on my back then grabbed my big black bag full of my clothes books and school things. In the ruck sack was weapons, phone, iPod and it had a special part for my laptop. I trudged down the stairs and when we was all finally down stairs. Afterwards my mum packed us all in the car. She was telling me and my brothers what to do and what not to do. I heard her say to me 

"Brianna not too many detentions this year please?"

I just muttered back 

"Ok Mum"

She was now onto my brothers telling them not to scare Amber seeing as shes only eleven. Yeah shes a lot younger than all of us. She wont be doing much this year just the basics. It will be a lot like that until next year. Just the basics this year for her. I slowly fell asleep in the car. Next thing I know James was shaking me awake. I muttered 

"What do you want Idiot?"

He laughed and said loudly 

"We are here"

I got out of the car quickly. I could hear my Mum shouting her goodbyes and love. We got our bags out the car and she drove off. The boys said quickly

"See you soon you two, take care. We are going to find some friends."

I just shouted to them as they we walking away

"Bye. Tell everyone I say hi. Tell Adrian I totally won that poke war."

They laughed. I looked down at Amber she looked up at the big building looking terrified. I laughed and picked her up. Shes so small and light. None of us wanted her to be a protector because shes too fragile but we want her to have a good job so she likes the sound of the Researcher and Tracker. We walked through the doors and I saw a lot of kids Amber's age. I put her down and told her quietly

"Amber don't be scared. Go stand with them sweetie. There will be teacher soon coming to give you all a tour."

She ran off to join the kids and found a few of her friends and started chatting and laughing. I turned round and saw my best friends. Lily, Cherry, Alyssa , Aiden, Chase and Jason. I ran straight up to Cherry and tackled her into a hug while laughing. I hugged everyone else too. We went to our forms part of the building. There is about fifty people in a form. There is four forms for each year. Its really hard to get into this school.  Its a really big school too though luckily. We are all by our self up here. There is no other buildings. That's why its so big, there's so much land. If you walk down the road for about half an hour there is a small town with a few shops and places to go when we have the time off. We was all trudged upstairs the boys went to their dorm room with there names on. We walked down the hall and on the door it said our names on it. We walked into the room. It was was a beautiful room. We had down some art on the walls. Hung a few pictures up. There was four big double beds. I walked over to my bed and put my bags in the draws underneath. I couldn't be bothered to unpack at the moment. The thick, warm quilt on my bed had loads on quotes it. I usually fall asleep reading the quotes. They said things like

"Life always gives a second chance. Its called tomorrow."

There's also a big warm fire. It can't make the room set on fire the witches at the school casts spells on things like that so nothing bad can happen. In our room there's massive bookshelves. A piano, guitar and a big corner for arts and crafts things for when we are board. There's four desks that have pale, shiny wood. Its to put our laptops on when we need a place to put them. Put work inside of and do home work. Also any other small things we need to keep in there like jewelry or diary's. 

We walked back down stairs to a place where everyone could hang out. It looks a bit like a living room really. We all sat in a seat or on the floor and started talking and catching up. Then we heard a announcement come from the speakers

"Will every student please come the hall."

All the kids from our form walked together down to the hall. Once we got in the massive hall we all sat down in a seat. The seats were in rows some was right at the front then once you started to climb the stairs on your left or right there was long rows of seats. Once everyone was settled and in the hall. The headteacher walked in and started talking

"Welcome back everyone. Hope you had a good holiday. Its good to see you all. We also have our new first years. Welcome to our school"

He smiled. Hes probably the best headteacher anyone could get. Hes really laid back and loves jokes and likes to see us have fun. He has to make sure we learn , get good grades and make sure anything we do is safe though. He carried on talking in a cheerful tone

"This year there's something new going on. It happens every twenty years at this school. Its called the Danger game. Its to get a selected few students in this room ready for whats out there. Children in first year can not be chosen for this game. Every student that can be put in the competition has already been entered. Its time choose the names. There will be one person from each form."

Something then then appeared. It looked like some sort of small pond with a smooth white marble built around it. He shouted out to us. 

"The people who have been chosen, their name will float out of this and into the air. The name will be in the color of your form.If you have been chosen please come stand at the front. The names will now start to come out."

We watched as one by one familiar names popped up out of the small pond. They stood up shakily and walked to the front. I had to keep an eye out for a dark shade of blue because that was our form. When it came to my James's form I panicked and watched as a name floated out. I relaxed a bit when it wasn't him. After a while it came to Leos form. I held my breathe. I saw the name float out. It was my brother. Leo stood up slowly and walked to the front. I had tears in my eyes but I had to wait for the rest names to float out before I go and hug him. It came to my year next and our forms participator would be read out last. I saw a small bit of dark blue and I waited to see rest of the name. When I saw it I heard my friends gasp. It read out

Brianna Shadow

I slowly walked to the front and stood next to my brother. I heard James screaming

"No you can't make her do it. Please no."

After a few more it had finished. Sir started explaining to people what the Danger Game is

"The Danger has been played every twenty years so students can get the experience of whats out there. There will five challenges. The challenges will be filled with monsters and other dangerous things. I can only reveal the first challenge. The Champions will be transported to a place where there is a massive field with a forest attached. There will be many monsters there for participants to kill. You will be given a kit to survive for a week after the week is up you will be transported back. We will look back and see who did best in the challenge. See you everyone for next weeks challenge. Participants use this week to train. Bye everyone."

I saw Amber crying on the front row, her eyes looking red and puffy while her friends tried to comfort her. I walked slowly out of the hall feeling shocked. I blocked out the yells from my friends and family and walked to my dorm to get some rest.

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