A Twisted Mind

Alan is living his life until a car accident turns his world upside down. He loses his family, friend and his own memory. He can remember nothing until he meets someone very closely linked with the tragedy of his past...


1. In the middle



He woke with a start. A shudder went through his body, as if experiencing pain. Pain it was, but not physical pain. Pain that came from his mind. From emotions, feelings, thoughts and- no, not memories... the pain of not being able to remember that was what it was.

His surroundings were the same as they had been for the past few weeks. Pristine white tiled floor. Bleeping of machinery down the hall. The sickly smell of medicine occupied his surroundings. A hospital, he remembered it was called. The ill were treated here. He was ill now. They told him he had been a victim of a terrorist attack. Someone had placed a bomb in his car alongside his family... his family... if only he could remember things would be much clearer. But then again, what good would it do? He had no one left- no one left except himself for himself. Nurses and doctors came each day, consoling him, trying to make him remember. With the thought of it a wave of anger flooded through him. Why couldn't he think properly? It gave him a feeling of hopelessness and despair.



 He was all alone.



*AUTHOR'S NOTE- please comment if you want me to continue, im new at this so i would appreciate it .

thanks for reading!

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