Ben, convicted and charged for cannibalism and first degree murder after the body of thirty-three year old Andrea Stephen is recovered a few miles away from Ben's home. There's just one problem, Ben didn't do it..


1. Sentenced

"Ben Warner accused of Massachusetts most gruesome crime in American history. With enough evidence, police and detectives have brought him to justice. Now behind me is the court where he is going to be sentenced tomorrow morning " The woman said to the camera. 



Ben had his head down the entire time, the detective showed graphic pictures of the woman's body. Or at least what was left of it. The body was stabbed at least nine times at the neck, killing the victim. The mouth was duct taped, which detectives believed was put on before the murder. The stomach was cut open. You could see the intestines ripped in half as if someone was about to eat them. The skin had open flesh wounds that had bite marks on them, they were now full of crawling parasites. The dark liquid was poured all over the body, like a person would pour gravy on their turkey. The face had been badly cut like someone was cutting it off. The body was also set on fire.  You could no longer see what her face looked like, or tell the color of her skin tone or what she wore. You could say she looked like a burnt log all cut up and full of blood. 


Ben had began to get nauseous as the detective projected what was being shown. Just hearing it made everyone's stomachs turn. Ben could hear the cries of the victim's mother as the detective kept going. He knew that he would've done the same thing if that were his child. Ben's mind drifted as the detective went on and on, he didn't know what else was done to the body. 


"Ben Warner!" The prosecutor shouted. 


Ben jumped not realizing he had fallen asleep.


"Look at him! The man can't even stay awake, much less remorse for the death he caused! Using his evil and animal like ways!"


"I did not kill her!" Ben shouted. "I don't even know her, or the family! I wasn't even home at the time!"


"Order!" The judge shouted.


But it was no use, the shouting match continued.


"You didn't have to be home to kill her Mr.Warner! You could've picked her up on the street and kidnapped, then killed and ate her and just dumped her there! Like she was leftovers or even trash!"


"I'm innocent! Innocent I tell you!" 


"If you're innocent as you proclaim Mr.Warner, how do you explain your DNA found on the body?"


"What DNA?"


"Your saliva and hair were found on the skin. Now tell me Mr.Warner do you smoke?" 


"Yes I do." Ben confessed.


"Interesting. Where did you go on the night of the murder?"


"I went to the bar." Ben said


The faint smell of alcohol trailed up Ben's nose as he entered the crowded bar. He looked all around, he could see people everywhere he looked. As he sat and took a few shots, he saw something that caught his eye. Maybe someone...   


"Did you suppose maybe go out for a smoke or two while you were at the bar?" The prosecutor smirked.


"Yes sir." Ben confessed yet again.


Smoke filled his dizzy vision making it even worse. He couldn't make out much but he did see a wave of dark hair of his face.


"To me Judge Winklet, you've got yourself a guilty suspect." The prosecutor said. 


"We'll see what the jury thinks about this." The judge said. "For now the court is out of session. Put Mr.Warner here in a cell overnight, tomorrow is his sentence."




"Get up sunshine!" The prison guard said.


Light blinded Ben's eyes but it made his cell a bit better. He hasn't eaten anything, he lost his appetite thinking about what the day will bring. His brown shaggy brown hair clung to his face and his green eyes filled with fear and worry. 


"Oh god." Ben mumbled.


"I believe ya kid." The guard said.


"You do?" Ben said as his eyes lit up.


"The bite marks on the body were huge, too huge for your tiny mouth." The guard whispered. "Yeah, but I doubt it's gonna make any changes."


Ben sighed and walked with the guard to the courtroom which wasn't really far. The paparazzi chased after them but they got away from them. Ben got up to the stand.


"Benjamin  Warner, the jury now finds you guilty of cannibalism and first degree murder. We sentence you to death row." The judge said.


Ben began to sweat and his vision became blurry. He felt dizzy and he fell over blacking out with a tear running down his cheek.



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