The Betrayal

The fourth part of Assassin Quest, someone has started a conspiracy against the group, Helcan Sfargan and Mishrio are caught and put on trial, It's up to Daelus and Natasla to save them, but can they get to them in time?


7. Chapter 7

I woke the next morning and pushed myself through the morning pain of a night of shifting. Natasla was still asleep as was everyone else. I got armored and went outside to talk to Titus. As I stepped out of the tent, I saw Titus standing next to a tree. He was resting his head on the trunk and rubbed the bark with his hand. He quickly looked up as I came over to him. "What are you doing?" I asked as I leaned on the tree. He grinned. "The trees enjoy it when people speak to them, it makes them feel good about themselves." He said. I smiled and nodded. "Many of these trees I raised myself." He said. I nodded and patted the tree. "We are heading for Herrotera, do you think you could leave them by themselves?" I asked. Titus nodded. "Many have lived by themselves before me, many can continue without me." He said. I began to walk away when he stopped me. "Daelus, where did you go to last night?" He asked. I stood in silence and then turned to look at him. "We all have secrets, the ones we keep, and the ones that are kept from us." I said. Titus furrowed his brow. "Perhaps we need to earn each other's trust, I have told you many of mine, it is time for you to tell me one of yours." He said. I swallowed and then nodded. "I'm a Lycanthrope." I said. Titus narrowed his eyes. "A son of Lycan, a Werewolf?" He asked. I nodded. "But do not worry, I have it under control." I said. He nodded and went back to the tree. I went and woke everyone up. We had two days until the hanging, we had to hurry. Unfortunatly, there was another city between us and Herrotera. It was called Gornessus and it would prove to be one of the worst stops in the whole trip. We got to the city gates and headed inside. As we walked, everyone looked up in a amazement at the sight of Titus. We ignored it and found a house for the night. But it would not stay calm, we were soon confronted by the city's guards. We were just walking through the streets when the extreme happened. We were walking, just enjoying the night, when suddenly a sharp pain shot through me. I looked down to see a blade protruding through my chest. "Daelus!" Natasla screamed. Time seemed to slow as I looked up at them. Another shot of pain as the sword was ripped free of my chest. In the reflection of a window, I saw Titus grab the man who stabbed me by the throat and crush him. Then I fell forward onto my chest. Natasla continued to scream my name but soon she was dragged away by the others. For the next few hours, I drifted in and out of consciousness. Suddenly, something in my body told me to get up. My eyes shot open and I pushed through pain and rolled onto my back. I reached over and grabbed the still burning torch I was carrying earlier. I lifted the torch and plunged the burning end into the wound. I screamed long and loud as the wound was seared shut by the flame. Then I threw the torch away and rolled back onto my front, gasping for air. I pulled my arms up beneath me and forced myself up. I got to my knees and dragged my feet up underneath me. I pushed through more pain and stood. I grasped my wound as I fell to one knee out of exhaustion. I sat, trying to regroup myself. Suddenly I heard a scream, it was Natasla. I pushed myself up to my feet, I had to get to her. I began running, pushing through pain and exhaustion. I do not know how I heard her, I'm sure she was half way across the city by now. I finally began to climb a building, pushing through pain. Finally I got to the roof and looked out. I could see men with torches and swords running down one of the streets. I ran up and jumped a roof top, but the pain was to much and I came up short. I grabbed the edge of the roof with my finger tips, but it wasn't enough and I dropped twelve feet down to the street, landing on my back. A massive wave of pain shot through my body as I impacted the cobblestone. I laid trying to catch my breath and I pushed myself to my feet again. Then I ran around the building and further toward Natasla's scream. Finally I got to the corner of the alley and looked inside as Nitrios, Nitrius and Natasla were back up against as far wall. Titus was unconscious on the ground. I turned the corner, drawing my sword. There was at least ten men, I could take them, but not as injured as I was. I made my way over and quickly snapped one of the guard's necks, then I spun and slashed across another guard's chest. The others turned and I threw both my throwing knives. I hit a guard in the chest, the other into another guard's face. One guard came toward me and I swung up my sword into his stomach. I let go of the sword and kneed him in the face. He fell back and something took over my body. I began rubbing my hands together. The other guards came toward me and I threw my hands outward. I watched in horror as flames flew from my hands and incinerated almost all the guards. However, one of the guards still stood. "Daelus Luna, he said, you truthfully are persistent." I looked between him and Natasla. "What do you want?" I asked. "Shadow and the other gods put so much hope into your existence, I want to make sure their hope is well placed." He said. "Believe me, it is." I said. Then I let loose another wave of scorching flames. The guard was engulfed, but no scream of pain came from his lungs, he simply stood and let himself burn. I ceased the fire and looked on in terror as the guard stood, his clothes had been burned away and his skin with it. But soon the guard looked up at me as his skin regenerated. I stepped back in terror. "That is the problem with the creatures of this realm, they attack without thought." The man said. "What are you, a god?" I asked. The man smiled and shook his head as a pair of massive black feathered wings sprouted from his back. "No." He said. "A demon then?" I asked. "Both are close, but both are wrong." The man said. "Then what are you?" I asked, taking another step back. "I was once a god, but soon I fell from grace as I questioned the monstrosity of our earthly creations." He said with a small amount of sadness creeping into his voice and features. "Then you are one of the fallen, a Devil." I said. The man looked up and grinned a pointed toothed smile. "Very good Daelus, very good." He said. I glared and let loose another burst of flames. The devil shook his head after I ceased the flames. "Daelus, this body may be mortal, but my soul is not." He said. I stood and let loose another wave of fire. The devil again shook his head. "I love how cold and focused your eyes are, it makes me think of how you may look when you attack something you do not understand." He said. I shot a small burst of fire across his mouth, burning away his lips. The devil glared as his lips regenerated. "At least tell me your name, I said, so I may know who I am about to destroy." The devil smiled a dark, malicious smile. "I am Grimm, former god of Death." He said. I thought back into history until I found him. "Grimm, older brother of Shadow and father of Nightshade and Sunshine." I said. Grimm nodded and smiled. "You know your gods well, Daelus." He said. I grinned and then let loose another massive wave of fire. Grimm was engulfed and his flesh burned away, his feathered wings caught in the fire and burning away. I ceased the flames and watched as Grimm dropped to his knees and raised his face to look up at me. "How many times will it take to put you down!?" I screamed at him. Grimm roared in anger and leapt at me. I let loose another, more powerful than before, wave of fire. Grimm was engulfed once again and stopped dead in his tracks, reaching out one of his hands and clawing down across my eye. I grunted as my skin was slashed and burned in a large cut from my eyebrow down to my cheek. Finally I ceased the flames and watched as Grimm's hand fell into ash. Soon his arm and his other arm fell into ash as well. "You killed me Daelus, but only my mortal body, I will return for you and your family." Grimm said with a large, evil, fanged smile. Then the rest of his body fell into ash. Natasla came over to me. "Daelus, how did you do that?" She asked. I shook my head. "I don't know." I said. Suddenly a shot of pain came from my wound and I dropped forward onto my knees while grasping at the wound. I looked around at everyone as time seemed to slow again and I fell onto my side. I watched as the others rushed to my side and Titus finally came to from his unconsciousness. Then my vision blurred and I fell into darkness. I felt nothing in the darkness and soon I was plagued with the memories of father.


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