The Betrayal

The fourth part of Assassin Quest, someone has started a conspiracy against the group, Helcan Sfargan and Mishrio are caught and put on trial, It's up to Daelus and Natasla to save them, but can they get to them in time?


6. Chapter 6

After a minute, I quickly got over my fear. I took a step closer to the ghost and held out my hand toward her. She reached down and clasped her hand around my own. Once again I got the feelings of despair and sadness. Her mouth continued to move but I could not hear anything she was attempting to say. Finally the ghost found her voice. "Go back." She said in an long, drawn out voice. I furrowed my brow. "Go back, back to where?" I asked. The ghost's head lolled slightly. "Go back." She repeated. Suddenly, the ghost's eyes widened and memories of the past were sent into my mind. I could see the city in it's prime, everything was peaceful and then suddenly the sky was set ablaze. Soldiers pushed their way through the city, they ran through, killing men, women, and children. An Orc ran toward one of the women and she swung her fist at him. The Orc blocked and then he punched the woman in the face. Her forehead was slashed open and then the Orc grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back to face him. Then he took his dagger and slashed the woman's throat open. The woman choked and fell to her knees. Then I was brought back to the present. It was then I noticed the ghost had the exact same wounds in her flesh as did the woman from the memories. "Go back to the beginning." The ghost said. "It was you, you were the woman in those memories." I said. Suddenly the ghost's body changed and she became the same from the memories. "Thank you." She said, now sounding completely human. I cocked my head. "For what?" I asked. "You have set me free, now I can join my family with the gods." She said smiling. I nodded and watched as she slowly faded away. I turned and left the building, rejoining the others. "What was it?" Nitrios asked. I shook my head. "Nothing." I said. We made the rest of the way through the ancient city and up through another doorway. We opened the door and stepped up out into the countryside. It was late afternoon when we got outside. "Daelus, Natasla whispered, you did see something in that building didn't you?" I frowned and then I leaned down to whisper in her ear. "We'll speak of it later." I said. She nodded and we began moving toward the forest off the road. We began putting up camp when we heard something rustling in the brush. I drew my arm blade, Natasla drew her rapier, and Nitrios and Nitrius drew their short swords. Suddenly the source of the rustling stepped in the clearing. As we caught sight of what it was, we quickly sheathed our weapons. "Stand down." I said as the Minotaur stepped into the camp. Nitrios slowly made his way over to me. "Daelus, we have to leave, this is his home, we are trespassing here." He whispered to me. "Let me speak to him." I said. Nitrios caught my arm and I looked back at him over my shoulder. "Grandmaster, you can not beat him physically, we have not chance." He said. I looked between him and the massive body of the Minotaur. "Perhaps not physically, but maybe mentally." I said. I shrugged off Nitrios's hand and walked over to the Minotaur. "You there, Minotaur." I said. The Minotaur glared and took a step forward. "I have a name Human." The Minotaur said angrily. I nodded. "And what would your name be?" I asked. The Minotaur snorted. "I am Titus, and this is my forest." He said. I nodded. "I am Daelus, and this is my wife Natasla and our friends Nitrios and Nitrius." I said as I motioned to each one of them. As he looked at Natasla, I could see of recognition in Titus's eyes. "You have been married before haven't you." I asked, raising an eyebrow. "My past is no concern of yours." Titus huffed. Suddenly I was marauded with more of the ghost woman's memories. The woman was laughing and playfully pushing a man. The man dropped to his knees and took her hands in his own. "I want you to be my wife." He said. The woman smiled and hugged him. "Titus, of course I will." She said. Then the memory ended and I was brought back to the present. I dropped back and fell onto my butt. "You weren't always a Minotaur were you Titus?" I asked. Titus took a step back and furrowed his brow. "What are you implying?" He asked. "You were an Elf once, you lived in Masÿoñøs all those centuries ago, didn't you?" I asked as I stood. Titus's features lightened and his shoulders drooped. "I have been a Minotaur for almost three millennia's." Titus said. I smiled. "How did you become one?" I asked. Titus sat down. "Masÿoñøs was destroyed be the Orcs, I was engaged to a woman who lived in the city, she was killed." He said with a sudden sadness creeping into his voice. I slowly walked over to him and hesitantly sat next to him. "Her throat was slashed." I said. Titus's eyes over at me. "How did you know that?" He asked. "I asked first." I said. Titus nodded and looked back at the ground. "After she was killed, I asked Syca to help me be able to guard my loved ones better, and so he turned me into the most powerful creature their is, a Minotaur." He said as he stood and flexed his massive muscles. I stood and looked up at him. "Now, he said, tell me how you knew my fiancé was killed." I nodded. "We have just come through the ruins of Masÿoñøs, on our way through, a shadow walked in front of us, I went to confront the shadow, it was the spirit of you fiancé." I said. Titus looked down at me and then set his massive hand on my shoulder. "How was she?" He asked in growing excitement. I smiled. "She showed me how she died, and I helped her go free from this realm." I said with a larger smile. Titus sighed and grinned. "Thank you Daelus, you are more than welcome to stay in my forest, is their anything I can do to repay you for your help to her spirit?" He asked. I nodded. "Could you come with us and help me set my friends free, they were captured and are to be put to death for a crime they have not committed." I said. Titus nodded and walked over to everyone else. "Such conspiracy and hatred still exists in Mittachlan, for that I will not stand for, of course I will help you." He said turning to us. I bowed as did Nitrios and Nitrius. "Thank you Titus, you are a good person." I said. "Thank you." He said back to me. "For what?" I asked. "You called me a person, not a beast." He said. I nodded and we began putting up the rest of camp while Titus began walking the perimeter. It was then I realized that maybe my terrible life could be used to help others. I had helped three people find closer in their lives. Perhaps that it was my purpose to help others, even if I was not able to help myself. Happiness could not be earned, it had to be given to you, sometimes by a stranger, sometimes by a friend. As a full moon began to rise, I said my goodbyes to Natasla and went into the forest, separating them from danger, from myself. I could feel my muscles and bones shift and change beneath my skin, it didn't hurt anymore, I had shifted so often in the past, soon fur began to grow from my skin and I lost any conscious thought.


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