The Betrayal

The fourth part of Assassin Quest, someone has started a conspiracy against the group, Helcan Sfargan and Mishrio are caught and put on trial, It's up to Daelus and Natasla to save them, but can they get to them in time?


5. Chapter 5

We woke the next morning and got dressed. We couldn't stay here anymore, it was time to head on to Herrotera and save Helcan, Sfargan, and Mishrio. We got downstairs to see Nitrios and Nitrius talking to the house mother. "Master, Nitrios said as he caught sight of us, the house mother has agreed to help us get out of the city." We walked over to them and I set my hand on the house mother's shoulder. "Why would you do that for us?" I asked. She smiled. "You have to save your friends, so I'm going to help you with that." She said. I nodded. "Thank you." I said smiling. Then I turned to the twins. "Nitrios, Nitrius, go get armored and get our horses ready." I said. They nodded, bowed, and headed upstairs. "House mother, what is this secret way out of the city you speak of?" I asked. She looked around the room before she spoke. "Yoegradia is built over the ruins of an older city called Masÿoñøs, it was once an Ancient Elven city." I nodded. "Why would they build over the ruins?" I asked. The house mother shrugged. "I would not know, anyways, the streets of Masÿoñøs have become rediscovered by my girls, I will give you a map of Masÿoñøs and you can escape through the underground and into the countryside." She said. I nodded and looked over at Natasla. She nodded and I looked back at the house mother. "Thank you, you do understand you do not need to do this?" I said. She shook her head. "I am a afraid I do." She said. She reached down and untied her corset. She pulled her corset opened and showed us as scar on her stomach. We looked at the scar and noticed that it was from a puncture wound. Then she closed and retired her corset. "I must do this to repay a debt." She said. I furrowed my brow. "Twenty years ago, I was being harassed by another woman, I asked for the aid of The Order, however someone wrote me as the Accused instead of Accuser." She said. My eyes widened as I finally recognized who she was. "You almost killed me Daelus Luna, with that same blade that you carry on your arm." She said as she pointed at the outline of my arm blade under my surcoat. "If it had not been for a neighbor, I would not be here." She said. I took a few steps back as I felt a massive weight be lifted off my chest, and my conscious. I sat back in a chair and began rubbing my temples. "You have no idea of the pain I felt over the years, I thought I had killed an innocent." I said. The house mother walked over to me and dropped to her knees, resting her hand on my shoulder. "Do not fear, for your conscious is clean." She said smiling up at me. At about that time, Nitrios and Nitrius came down the stairs. I stood, as did the house mother, and nodded to them. They came over to us and sat down. "Where is the map of Masÿoñøs?" I asked. "Over here." She said. I followed her over and she opened a drawer in her desk. She reached in and pulled out a massive sheet of yellowing, old parchment. I took it from her and bowed. Then she guided us over to a wall in the far side of the room. She tapped her fingernails on the corner and a secret door opened. "Inside, she said, once there I can be of no more help to you." I bowed and set my hand on her slender shoulder. "Thank you for everything, and please, come and see us sometime." I said with a slight grin. She nodded and I stepped through the doorway and down the stairwell, followed by the others. "Here, she said, take this." She handed me a lit torch and four more unlit ones. I took them and bowed to her once more. She nodded and then the door shut, plunging us into darkness. The only light came from the small torch I held in my hand. I passed out the unlit ones to the others and lit them, adding more light to the dangerously dark world we had been sent into. As we took a look around the massive underground city, an eerie blue light came down from the sewer drains and helped to illuminate the ancient streets and buildings of Masÿoñøs. "Quickly, move." I said. We began running through the ancient stone streets. I could see shadows out of the corners of my eyes, I could not tell if they were simply tricks of the flickering light of our torch flames, or if ancient spirits still ran through the streets of their old home. Suddenly I felt a hand press itself into my waist. I turned and looked down to see Natasla cowering beneath my massive, protective, shadow. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer to me. At about that time, a shadow ran across our path. We all stopped and watched it cross the street and disappear into the building in front of us. I held up a hand to stop everyone. "Hold on, I'll go check." I said. They nodded and I walked over to the empty doorway. Then I poked my head inside. What I saw I remember to this day. Inside the building was an Elf wearing ancient clothes. The Elf had a silhouette of a woman and I reached up and to tap her shoulder. However, as my hand made contact, it fell straight through her body and I could feel a sense of despair, sadness, and an icy coldness that told me of death. I quickly took a step back as the ghost began to turn. Once she was completely turned toward me she stared at the ground, keeping her face hidden. "Hello?" I said to her in growing fear. The ghost slowly lifted her face and as she did, a dawning horror slowly crept into my mind. She lifted her face and I could see her eyes were a pale greenish white. She had no irises that I could see and she had no flesh around her mouth, revealing rotting black gums and bright white teeth. Her skin was taunt across her skull and hands and a pale white. Her cheek bones were protruding profusely from her face. She had torn flesh upon her brow and her neck. The flayed flesh was rotted and the meat within was as black as her gums. She reached out toward me and she moved her mouth, but no sound came from her lungs. I stood, frozen in terror, but she made no other movements toward me. She made no threatening movements, she just stood with her arm outstretched. Waiting for something.


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