The Betrayal

The fourth part of Assassin Quest, someone has started a conspiracy against the group, Helcan Sfargan and Mishrio are caught and put on trial, It's up to Daelus and Natasla to save them, but can they get to them in time?


4. Chapter 4

I fell asleep that night, after staring at the ceiling for hours, listening to the moaning and giggling of Nirtius and her whore in the next room. The next morning, I awoke later than everyone else. I got up and pulled on my pants. Then I walked downstairs to the main room of the brothel. Many of the whores smiled and pointed at my tattooed, bare chest and abs. I sat down next to Natasla, Nitrios, and Nitrius at a table in the far corner of the room. Nitrios too, was bare chested. Nitrius was wearing only her bra and her pants. Natasla was in her skirt and a light shirt. "So, I said as I sat, who are these conspirators?" Nitrios handed me a piece of parchment. "Meet Rasius and Fargos Dirum, also known as The Father and The Son." Nitrios said. I looked at their pictures on the parchment. "Good news." Nitrius said. I looked up at her. "Tonight there is a carnival for the coming of Spring and guess who will be there." She said. "The Father and The Son." I said. She nodded. "We need a way to get them out of the crowd, we can't have all the guards after us." Nitrios said. I shook my head. "No, only one of us." I said. They all looked at me and furrowed their brows. "I'll take a pair of whores with me and get them to distract The Father and The Son, I said, then I will make my move." They looked between each other. "But, Daelus." Natasla said. I kissed her cheek. "I did not make it to the title of Grandmaster in The Order on my good looks alone." She nodded. I stood, went back upstairs to our room and got my armor and weapons on. Once I was armored and armed, I came back down stairs. I pointed to a pair of whores. "You two, come with me." I said. They looked between each other and then came over. I opened the door and Natasla ran over to me. "Daelus, be careful." She said. I smiled and kissed her. "Always." I said. I turned and stepped out the door. Behind me I heard one of the whores speak to Natasla. "Don't worry, we'll take care of him." She said. I waved and then walked out into the streets, followed closely by the whores. We made our way over to where the carnival was being set up. I sat down in the shadows, the whores sat next to me. "What now?" One of them asked. "Now, we wait." I said. Wait we did, we sat for hours, the whores stood and stretched every once in a while. I however, never moved out of the shadows. Soon night came and people began to pour into the area. It was time. I stood and pulled my scarf up over my nose and mouth, then I pulled the hood of my surcoat down around my face. "Here, take this." I said, holding out a small pouch of coins. The whores looked between each other and then one of them held out their hand and took the pouch. "It's in case you get hurt." I said. We stepped out into the crowd of people beginning to dance. In the far corner of the area, two men followed closely by guards walked in. "They're here, go, I will be watching." I said. The  whores nodded and made their way over to the men. The younger one, I was guessing The Son, went with one of the whores. The other however, The Father, simply waved the other whore away. She made her way back to me while The Son and the other whore began to dance. "I'm sorry, I could not get him." She said. "That's fine, go back to the brothel before you are seen." I said. She nodded and left the area. I watched the whore and The Son dance for a few minutes. Suddenly the whore made eye contact with me for a second. In that moment I nodded and she unnoticeably faded away. I strapped my arm blade to my wrist and began to walk towards him. The Son spun, looking for his companion, then I was within striking distance when he spun towards me. I swung and slashed his throat with my arm blade. His whole body spun from the force and he fell to his knees and then to the ground. The Father's eyes widened as he saw me. I raised my bloody arm blade and smirked. "There he is, kill him." He shouted to his guards. The crowd began to panic and run away as the guards ran toward me. I charged and leapt into the air. I came down, grabbed one of the guards, and stabbed him in the shoulder. He dropped as another guard ran toward me. He swung down and I caught his wrist, then I twisted his hand and made him stab himself in the stomach with his sword. I pushed him away as another guard came toward me with a spear. He lunged and I caught the end of the spear and slashed down, cutting the spear head off the pole with my arm blade. Then I kicked the guard back, spun the spear head in my hand, and stabbed the guard in the chest. I tore the spear head free and turned to the other guard I had wounded. He cowered and I cocked my head and threw the spear head at him. Then I sheathed my arm blade and took off in pursuit of The Father. I ran forward and climbed up a building. I got to the roof and caught sight of The Father in the distance. I jumped the roof tops until I found him again, running in the cobblestone street. He was running toward the courtyard of a church. Maybe he thought it could protect him. "Guards, he shouted, you have to help me. I stood for a moment and listened. "Go to the entrance, but do not let him see you, we will ambush him when he makes his move." The Father said. Then he walked back out into the street. I walked up to the edge of the roof and stood until he caught sight of me. He looked up and watched me as I spread my arms like wings and dropped onto the street. I could feel a jolt of pain as I hit the street and slowly stood. "Well performed, excellent." The Father said, mock clapping. I reached back and drew my dagger. "To bad your friends are not here to see this, what are their names, Helcan, Sfargan, and Mishrio right?" I stepped forward in anger, then I stopped and sheathed my dagger again. "Do not fear, you will join them soon and when I am finished with you, I will be sure to give Natasla my full attention." He said. That was it. I reached under my surcoat, turned sideways, and threw a throwing knife into The Father's throat. He stood with a look of surprise on his face and I cocked my head sarcastically as The Father fell backwards. Once he hit the ground I turned and disappeared behind the corner of a building. I glanced back as the guards came to check The Father's lifeless form and then I left. I slowly walked back to the brothel, reminiscing on everything that had happened tonight. I finally made it to the brothel, opened the door, and stepped inside. I was automatically greeted with a hard embrace from Natasla. I hugged her and she pulled back. "I'm alright." I said. In the background I could see Nitrius kissing the whore from yesterday, Nitrios was talking to the house mother. "I see you were the only person who really cared about my absence." I said. Natasla smiled and we headed upstairs. Once in our room Natasla turned to me. "Are you truly alright?" She asked. I shook my head and sat down, beginning to get undressed. Once I was out of my armor and down to my clothes, I spoke. "I almost attacked out of anger tonight." I said. Natasla sat next to me. "It's okay." She said. "No, no it's not okay." I said. Natasla pulled my shirt off and then she took off her own. "Attacking out of anger is what kills many Assassins, and I almost did it." I said. Natasla kissed my jaw. "But, you didn't, and here you sit." She said. I looked up into her eyes. "With you." I said smiling. Natasla took my hand and set it on her breast. I kissed her and she threw her leg over me. I reached behind her back and untied her bra. It fell off between us and Natasla laid me back on the bed. Natasla pulled off my pants as I ran my hands over her breasts. Natasla unhooked her skirt and let it fall from her hips. Then she straddled me again. I sat as Natasla reached back and grasped my hard shaft. Then she aimed it toward her opening and slid it inside of herself. Then she began to rock back and forth on my pole. I was soon entranced by the swaying of her breasts, so I took hold of them and squeezed. She moaned and began to ride me harder. I reached behind her and pulled her forward onto my chest. Then I began to pound her opening. I could here the sound of skin smacking skin as I did. Suddenly her back arched as I came inside of her. After as second, Natasla rolled onto the bed and we laid there in each other's embrace until we fell asleep. Perhaps there was hope for happiness in our lives after all the anger, hatred, and death that had plagued us in the past. Perhaps.


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