The Betrayal

The fourth part of Assassin Quest, someone has started a conspiracy against the group, Helcan Sfargan and Mishrio are caught and put on trial, It's up to Daelus and Natasla to save them, but can they get to them in time?


3. Chapter 3

Natasla and I got home later that night and we went to sleep, or at least she did, I was still awake, staring at the ceiling thinking about my whole life. I stared at the ever growing crack in the paint on the ceiling and reminisced. Soon I fell asleep and I was plunged into visions of the past. My memories started with the war, then they moved on into when I first turned into a werewolf, finally they moved on into I becoming the Grandmaster of the Assassin Order. Then I woke up, Natasla was no longer in the bed. I stood and looked around, suddenly I heard a noise come from the bathroom. I crept over to the doorway, ready to kill who ever was in the house. I jumped around the corner, only to find Natasla in the bathtub. Natasla jumped visibly and I sighed, letting my shoulders droop. I walked over and dropped to my knees next to the tub. She set her hand on top of my head and kissed my hair. "What is it, my wolf?" She asked as I looked up into her eyes. I shook my head and kissed her fingers. "I don't know who I am anymore, things are changing to quickly for me to keep up with." I said. Natasla's eyes saddened and she ran her hand through my hair and down to my shoulder. "Daelus, you know who you are, you are my husband." She said. I smiled and she splashed me with water from the tub. "Don't, I said smiling, don't do it." She reached up and pulled my arms until I fell into the tub with her. I smiled and let her crawl over me. Then I laid back and let her straddle me in the tub. She leaned over and kissed me, sliding her tongue into my mouth, after a moment she pulled back. "Never forget who you are Daelus, never." She said before kissing me again. We stayed in the tub until a knock at the door stirred us from the perfect moment. I stood, pulled on pants and opened the door. It was my Grandfather's bodyguards. "Spectaculous, I said sarcastically, what do you want?" They bowed before they spoke. "Mr. Baruti sent us over to tell you that we have agreed to going with you on this trip. I nodded and then set my hands on their shoulders. "What are your names?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. The man spoke first. "I am Nitrios and this is my sister." He said motioning to the woman. "Nitrius." She said. I looked between them and then noticed that they had very similar features. "You're twins aren't you?" I asked. They both nodded in unison and looked between each other and myself. "Daelus, Natasla shouted from the bathroom, who is it?" I leaned back to look at her and then smiled. "It's just my Grandfather's body guards." I said. "What do they want?" She asked. "They just wanted to tell me that they have agreed to join us on the trip." I said. She nodded and then raised an eyebrow. "Do they have names for me to match their faces with?" She asked. "The man is Nitrios and the woman is Nitrius." I said after they nodded to each name. "Is that all they want?" She shouted. I looked between Nitrios and Nitrius as they looked down and then shook their heads. "I guess not." I shouted back into the bathroom. After a couple of seconds, Natasla came out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel. Nitrios and Nitrius quickly looked away as she passed the doorway. I watched Natasla pull on a pair of pants and a shirt. Then she walked up to us and Nitrios and Nitrius both looked up again. "What aren't you telling us?" I asked. "It's about your friends." They said. "What about them?" I asked in growing alarm. "Their fine, Nitrius said, but they have been found guilty and our intelligence says that they are to be put to death in two weeks." I sighed. "Then we can not waste anymore time, we must leave tonight if we are to make it to Herrotera in time." I said, looking at Natasla. She nodded and then began to put on her armor. "However, Nitrios said, they have also found that there are more people in this conspiracy and that two of them are hiding in Yoegradia." I nodded. "Then we'll hit that on the way to Herrotera, now, go get us some horses." I said. They nodded and bowed. I bowed to them as they turned and headed down into the street. I turned away from the door, kicking it shut behind me. "Here." Natasla said, throwing me a shirt. I caught and pulled it on. Natasla handed me my leggings and I pulled them on. Then I grabbed my metal plated boots and sat down. I pulled on my boots and then I grabbed my black leather tunic and pulled it on. I grabbed my chest plate and tied it down to my torso, followed by my spaulders. I pulled on my gloves and my wrist braces and tied them down to my wrists. I sat for a moment and then I grabbed my throwing knives and sheathed them in my belt. I stood and tied my dagger and my father's short sword onto my belt. Then I picked up my Charred Darkness Blade and tied it on as well, followed by my claymore to my back. I looked over my shoulder at Natasla and watched her pull on her cloak, then I grabbed my scarf and surcoat and put them on. I pulled the hood up around my face and then I pulled my scarf up around my nose and mouth. "Let's go." I said from behind my scarf. Natasla nodded as she pulled her cloak's hood up over her face. I opened the door and waved Natasla outside, then I followed her and shut the door behind us. Nitrios and Nitrius rode up with our horses and we got on and began riding out of the city and into the forests. "So, I said as I rode up next to Nitrios, who are these other people in the conspiracy?" Nitrios looked over at me and sighed. "They are known as The Father and The Son, they are noblemen in Yoegradia." I nodded and pulled out a piece of parchment and struggled to write their names down as the horse trotted. "Do we know their real names?" I asked. Nitrios shook his head. I nodded and slowed Nitrios slowed his pace. Then I heard giggling behind me. I looked over my shoulder as Nitrius and Natasla were riding next to each other. Natasla had her hands up in a way to show the size of something. I furrowed my brow and slowed my pace. "And just what are we speaking of back here girls?" I asked coyly, raising an eyebrow. Natasla stifled her laugh as best she could while she shrugged and smiled. "Nothing." She said. I rode next to them for a moment and then I smirked. "Don't let her lie to you Nitrius, I'm a lot longer than that." I said and then quickly galloped back to the front of the group before they could say anything. After about an hour we got within eyesight of Yoegradia. I stopped us and then turned to look at them. "Let's go meet our new friends shall we?" I asked coldly before we galloped down to the city gates. We rode in and went over to a brothel a few streets over from the gates. We tied up our horses out front and then we walked in. As we walked up to the house mother a few of the whores made their way over to us. I waved away one of them as another came up to Nitrios. "Hey, said one of the whores from behind us, I'm into girls." I turned and looked over my shoulder. The whore was holding hands with Nitrius as we walked. "And I know how to treat them too." The whore said. I quickly turned away as Nitrous and the whore began to kiss each other. Natasla quickly came up next to Nitrios and I. We walked up to the house mother and I tapped her shoulder. She turned. "Yes, what is it?" She asked. "We need a pair of rooms for a few nights." I said to her. "Why?" She asked, cocking her head. "I'm hunting someone, he has become a part of a conspiracy with his son against my friends." I said. The house mother cocked her head and then glanced behind us at Nitrius and the whore she was kissing. I glanced over my shoulder and saw Nitrius's tongue press against the inside of the whore's cheek and then I quickly turned back. "Are you bounty hunters?" She asked. I smirked and then made the "Praying Hands Bow" to her. Her eyes quickly widened and she nodded and waved us upstairs. We followed her and she pointed down the hallway. "The last two rooms at the back, enjoy." She said. I nodded and she went back down stairs. I glanced around the corner as Nitrius walked up to us, still holding hands with the whore. "You will have to pay for her in your own room, that business is not coming into one of our rooms." I said. Nitrius smiled and then followed us the rest of the way into the hall. For the love of Shadow, it was going to be a very long night.


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