The Betrayal

The fourth part of Assassin Quest, someone has started a conspiracy against the group, Helcan Sfargan and Mishrio are caught and put on trial, It's up to Daelus and Natasla to save them, but can they get to them in time?


2. Chapter 2

As we came into the Assassins Den, everyone else was already there. All the Assassins bowed to me as I walked in and up to the podium. "Brothers and sisters, I called you here tonight to ask you to lend me your blades and your spirits, two of our own have gone missing, captured by guards in Herrotera, I need your help to get them back." At about the time I finished speaking, the Thieves came in as well, and so started an uproar between the Guild and The Order. I stood in silence and let them yell, and as they did, the more I felt anger slowly make it's way through my veins like the blood that flowed within me. I glanced over at Natasla and she nodded while backing away. She knew what was coming and she knew to back away. Suddenly my eyes took on a new, sharper, focus as the werewolf in me took over. "Enough!" I yelled over the roaring crowd before me. As soon as I spoke they all stopped and looked up at me. "Enough." I repeated as my eye sight returned to it's original focus. "I called this meeting because I wished to see who of you was loyal enough to come with me and get back my friends, our friends, and I will not let the differences of our pasts get in the way of that." They all nodded and then an older, much older, man stepped out of the crowd and up to the podium, a pair of heavily armored Assassins on either side of him. "You know young man, the old man said with a deep, scratchy, voice, you are not the first to wish for such loyalties in this Order." I watched as the old man reached up and pulled his hood away from his face. "And who might you be, sir?" I asked. The old man looked up at me and smiled behind his long, gray, beard. "You do not recognize your own family?" I looked at Natasla and she shrugged then I looked back at the old man. "Perhaps, if knew your name." I said. "Young man, I am of your blood and your family in The Order, I was once the Grandmaster, but I am still your Grandfather." My eyes widened and I took a couple of steps back. "Baruti?" I asked. The old man smiled once again and continued toward me until he was up at my side. I hugged him and he hugged me back. "All this time, not knowing if you were alive or dead, and then you just appear before me like any other Assassin?" I asked. "Baruti smiled and then waved his guards away. "Your father would be so proud to see that have become what he never could, Grandmaster of the Assassin Order." I furrowed my brow as he continued. "Sirius never had the chance to become Grandmaster, and I am at fault for that." I looked at Natasla and she walked over to us and hugged Baruti. He furrowed his brow and looked at me. "Grandfather, this is Natasla, my wife." Baruti raised his eye brows and then he smiled and hugged her back. "Ah, yes, the girl from when we first met, I am sorry I missed the wedding, if I had known, I would have been happy to oblige to your invitation." He said. Natasla pulled away and I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer to my side. "There were two Assassins that came to my door this morning with the news of Sfargan and Helcan's capture, who are they?" Baruti smiled and then waved his guards back to his sides. "Remove your hoods." The Assassins nodded and pulled their hoods away from their faces. To my surprise, it was the two Assassins from this morning. The man and woman smiled and bowed to me. I bowed and then looked back at Baruti. "You said my father would have been proud of me, how, he was never part of The Order." I said. Baruti sighed and then set his hand on my shoulder. "You poor boy, they never told you did they, your father, Sirius Luna, was a Mentor in the Assassin Order, as was his friend Fang Dreadal, and your house maid, Karin, she was a Master." Baruti said. I furrowed my brow and took a step back as my mouth dropped open. "You are an Assassin by blood, not by kills." Baruti finished. "My father was a Battle Mage in the King's army." I said defensively. Baruti nodded. "In the evil King's Army, the self proclaimed GodKing Baniwi had to be put down and so I asked Sirius you infiltrate his army and destroy him." I took another step back. "I sent you on the same mission seventeen years later because you father was killed before he could put Baniwi down." I began rubbing my temples. "I know it is difficult to take in, but it is the truth." Baruti said. I began taking deep breaths as Natasla walked over and began talking to Baruti's body guards. "Can't your brother the King do anything to get my friends out?" I asked. Baruti shook his head. "No, my brother, his mind is so weak now, he knows not who I am anymore, and the new king, my brother's successor, if he was to intervene then everyone would know that he was in league with The Order." Baruti said. "Damn it." I cursed to myself. "Take my body guards with you on your journey, I can find more." Baruti said smiling. I nodded and hugged Baruti once more before walking back up to the podium, I looked out at the crowd and then I bowed to them. They bowed back and then we all went back to our homes. I had to think about my father and everything he meant to me and my family. My whole life was a lie, I had always thought that I was the son of a hero, but in truth no one in Mittachlan even knew of my father's existence. 


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