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Rose and Josh meet at school. They start sending notes through classes and they are always sharing cheeky winks. They get together but something goes wrong. Is Rose going to get the ending she always wanted? Will Josh survive?
Read to find out!


10. Wedding Day

I couldn't wait! It was the day of the wedding, and I must admit I was a little nervous.

In this time someone getting married means 'I just got knocked up'. This is what scared me the most. What people said, all the hate. But I knew if I had Josh I would be fine. Most of my year (Year 11) was coming to the wedding. My best friend Lizzie was my bridesmaid and my brother Ben was the best man.

"Hey kiddo" Ben said to me as I turned around in my dress.

"Benji!" I say and he laughs at his childhood nickname. He draws me into a hug.

"Dude," I say "Are you wearing aftershave?"

"Thought I'd make an effort," Ben laughs "Its your wedding after all!"

We spend the rest of the time laughing and remembering things from our childhood because according to Ben I'm 'signing my life away'. I'm now really laughing;

"Come on young one," Ben whispers "I'll drive you to the wedding."

I scream with delight,

"In the Mustang?" I say with hope in my voice. Ben nods his head and I jump up and down in my wedding dress.


In the car we listen to songs like Barbie Girl, Pitbull and J-Lo, Adele, Whigfield. We had the lot! As we pulled up to the church Ben asks me if I'm ready to do this and its fine if I don't want to. I tell Ben that I'm 100% ready and I've never been more sure of anything.

Was I ready though?

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