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Rose and Josh meet at school. They start sending notes through classes and they are always sharing cheeky winks. They get together but something goes wrong. Is Rose going to get the ending she always wanted? Will Josh survive?
Read to find out!


9. Planning the wedding

Oh my gosh! Me and Josh were going to get married! I couldn't believe it! After school had finished Josh came over to mine. For once my parents weren't there, this took me by surprise. Josh sat on my messy unmade bed and looked around my room.

"Cool room babe!" Josh whispered. I laughed and he looked at me.


I don't know what happened but in the next moment, me and Josh were kissing!

"What kinda dress are you going to wear for the wedding?" Josh said in between kisses.

"I don't care what I wear as long as I'm with you" I mumble between kisses. Josh then pulled away angrily.

"You don't know?" Josh said, he was angry. Oh God what have I done??? I go to the wardrobe and pull out a long white dress. He eyes it and nods approvingly winking at me.

"What are you doing tomorrow babe?" I say to him.


"Let's go bowling" I say unsure. He nods. "Yay!!" I laugh like a small child.


Sorry for the short chapter! I'm getting unsure about this book please comment if you want me to carry on!



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