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Rose and Josh meet at school. They start sending notes through classes and they are always sharing cheeky winks. They get together but something goes wrong. Is Rose going to get the ending she always wanted? Will Josh survive?
Read to find out!


8. Chantelle

When I got to school Josh wasn't there, but Chantelle was. I started to walk away but then I thought, no be strong, you have nothing to be afraid of.

I walked over to the flagpole like I did every morning and stood a little but away from Chantelle; I pretended I was looking for Josh so that gave her the opportunity to get to me and I didn't have to do anything apart from answer her questions.

"Well, if it isn't Rose!" Chantelle said so loud that everyone in the car park heard. She clicked her fingers and three girls came up behind her. They were standing in a pyramid formation; with Chantelle at the front.

The girls all looked scared of Chantelle but didn't say anything. When Chantelle placed a question to them, they all looked at each other and murmured something along the lines of

"Yeah she's right. We all know that"

But, all of a sudden, one of the girls had spoken up.

"Well, I just want to say; I think you and Josh make a great couple!"

Her name was Emma and she had soft brown hair, and she wore glasses.

Chantelle gave her the death glare and she backed away. Even all the other girls stared at her, I didn't know what to do! But in that moment, I felt powerful over Chantelle, because someone had spoken up against her and unless you wanted to end up dead. No one ever did that. I glanced over in the car park and Josh suddenly came racing along on a motorbike. He saw me and parked, then came over to meet me.

"Heya babe alright?" His soft sexy voice instantly relaxed me.

"Yeah" I said then I leant my head against his chest. This drove Chantelle insane, she lunged forward and punched me in the face. It was only the side of my face so it didn't hurt too much but Josh clocked the pain and went for her.

I stopped him.

"Hey babe its ok!" I said with so much worry in my voice it made him laugh.

"Are you high?" He said to me "Your face is swelling! We gotta get you to the hospital"

"Me high?" I said "You're the one with a motorbike!"

He just laughed and kissed me on the forehead. I chuckled back and wrapped my arms around his waist his arms snaked into mine.

"Oh, I forgot! Happy birthday babe!"

He handed me a small box and I opened it, he then took it out of my hands and before I knew it went down on one knee.

"Oh my God this isn't happening!" I whispered but he didn't hear me.

"Rose Emilie Dixie, you make me so happy, I love being around you and I just know that you are the one for me. Will you marry me?"

"Yes!!! of course I'll marry you!!"

He jumped up and slammed his lips into mine, he bit my lower lip, his tongue begging for entrance, I wanted to tease him so I didn't let him in. He pulled away sadly. I slammed my lips into his and he again licked my lower lip and I let him in. WE WERE GOING TO GET MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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