Love of my life

A love story of Rebecca and Liam Payne


7. Three months later.


It was Saturday afternoon and I was about to fix for tonight when Liam would meet Nicole, Esma, Kendall, Kevin and Josh. Liam would come earlier and his buddies would come a little later.

I had been in the attic and took down some CDs and now I was sitting on the floor and sorted them when I heard the doorbell rang.

I got up and ran towards the door.

I opend the door and saw Liam.

-HELLO, I said happily and jumped on him with a big hug.

-Hi darling, Liam said and hugged me and gave me a kiss on the forehead.

I smiled big and looked up at him. We ended up hugging and I went in and sat down on the floor and began to sort the CDs again.

Liam came into the room and sat in front of me.

-How was your day, he asked and looked at me.

-It has been busy and I have not had time to do ha over, I said whining and put the CD discs in a pile on the floor next to my radio.  

Liam laughed and continued to check on me.

-Stop-it's not funny, I said whining.

-Yes, it is certain, Liam said with a grin on his face.

-You may help me just because you're laughing, I said and got up and pulled up Liam, he was not the easiest person to pull up.

I pulled him into the kitchen.

I took some alcohol from the fridge and started mixing drinks while Liam cut lime and lemon.

I checked on him so that he would not notice it and I smiled to myself.  

I poured the drinks in various glasses and put them in the fridge.

-I'll just change clothes then I come to you again, 'I said and stood on tiptoe in front of Liam and kissed him on the cheek. I ran to my closet and started looking for clothes.

I took a black push-up bra from Victoria Secret and a pair of black lace panties.

I found a black, short, low-cut dress so I took it. I took a pair of black high heels.

I started taking off my shirt and I undid my bra when I felt two arms around me.

I giggled a little.

Liam started kissing my neck och I looked back at him.

-Dream on, I said and pushed him away.

-But...he said with a disappointed voice.

-Not today Liam..I want it to feel special the first time, I said, and grabbed hold of the push-up bra.

I put on it and tried to snap ties., I said, and he unbuttoned my bra.

-Thank you darling, I said and turned around and looked at him.

Liam smiled a little and went out of my closet.

I took off my baggy pants and panties and put on my black lace panties.

When I had taken on my panties I put on my dress and I tried to flip the dress on the back but it did not go so well. can come, I asked in a loud voice so he could hear me.

-Yes, he said, came into my closet.

-Help...I said, holding up my hair so he could snap my dress.

He pulled up the zipper then went out of the closet again.

I put on my black high heels, then I sat at the dressing table and started makeup.

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