Love of my life

A love story of Rebecca and Liam Payne


6. Three months later ''Notebook''.


Me and Liam had gone about 24 starlets and I really liked it.

I really liked Liam.

We always had so much fun together and we had never had a fight, not even a small thing.

I just hope Liam feels the same for me.

If he would not feel the same for me, I might never have gone out with him.

I really hate love!

Why am I afraid of it?

Maybe I'm afraid of love because it is abstract...No, it can not be.

I'm probably afraid of love because I am afraid that Liam will break my heart when I like him at most.

I'll ask him if he would like to meet some of my friends on Saturday and so they can determine whether he is right or wrong person for me.

XOXO Becca

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