Love of my life

A love story of Rebecca and Liam Payne


17. Proposed.

It was Christmas Eve and I and Liam was in Wolverhampton at the home of his parents.
It was snowing outside and I was Dressed in :



Me and Liam sat on the couch and looked at pictures from his childhood.
-You were so cute, I said and looked at the photos.
Liam laughed a little and I looked up at him.
I gave him a kiss on the cheek and continued to check on the photos.
-Baby, Liam said and I nodded a little and looked up at him again.
-Can we go out for a walk while my mom fix the food, he asked.
-Of course, I said and smiled.
We stood up and went to the hall and took us on our outerwear.
Liam held up the door for me and I walked out.
I started walking slowly and Liam came up with me and took my hand.
I smiled at him.
-It's cozy when it's snowing and the streetlights lit up the street, I said, smiling at the ground.
-Yeah and it's nice to go...,Liam had time say before I interrupted him.
-Look a bridge...can we please go is my dream to stand on a bridge on Christmas Eve when it's like this weather and perfect atmosphere...please, I said and looked at Liam with puppy dog ​​eyes.

Liam nodded and smiled.
-Thanks, I said happily and hugged and kissed him.
Liam kissed me back and smiled.
I ran towards the bridge and climbed up a bit on the bridge railing.
I looked down at the water that had frozen into ice.
I looked back on Liam when I felt that he laid his hands on my waist.
I turned around and looked at him and thought he looked a little nervous.
-Are you all right, darling, I asked, and he nodded and smiled at me.
I climbed down from the railing and looked at Liam.
He took a small box from his pocket and knelt in front of me.
He looked up at me and I looked at him.
-I know this is pretty early but I love you over all my heart and would do anything for you, Liam said and opened the box.
-Would you marry me, asked Liam and I looked at him and the ring in the box.
I felt that I started to cry but it were happy tears.
-You remember, I said and sat down on my knees in front of him.
-Of course, I will remember how you wanted to be proposed to, Liam said and I continued to cry happy tears.
-I want to marry you, 'I said and hugged Liam tightly.
-I love you, Liam whispered and looked at me.
I smiled and kissed him.

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