Love of my life

A love story of Rebecca and Liam Payne


14. One year later ''Notebook''. has been a year since me and Liam became together.
I've never been so happy ever in my life before.
Liam...yes Liam is the perfect boyfriend for me.
He is kind, funny, lovely, romantic, passionate, resourceful, mysterious, childlike, clever, stylish, sweet, sexy, cute, perfect ... well, he's just so perfect in every way.
If there were words for how much I love him, I'd say those words to him at least three thousand times a day.
Me and Liam have also moved up.
We have lived together for about five months now and I really enjoy it.
Though there is one thing...Liam is orderly and I'm messy.
Liam really hate to have it messy but I do not care so much if it's messy.
He and I cities at least three times a week and it's really boring.
Otherwise, I love to stay with Liam.
We like to do the same things, we like the same food, and we like the same movies.

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