Love of my life

A love story of Rebecca and Liam Payne


2. On The Toilet.


Liam locked the door and I put my arms crossed again while I watched him.

-You're seriously serious about this...,I said and looked at him.

-Yes, I crashed into you and you can't go with a big stain on the shirt, he said.

I sighed lightly and let my arms free. I went over to the sink and began to wash the stain on my shirt.

-No, you make a mistake, the stain will only get bigger if you wet it down with water, Liam said and pulled my hand away from the shirt when I was about to wipe away the stain. I looked at him and bit my lip a little loose.


Liam took some toilet paper and began to wipe away the stain. I blushed a little and looked away.

-Done, he said, and threw the paper.

He began unbuttoning his shirt and I put my hands in front of my face and started laughing.

-What are you laughing, asked Liam uncertain.

-We have not known each other for more than 10 minutes and you are already beginning undress for me, I said, embarrassed and laughed.

Liam laughed and took off his shirt and I looked at him again. He gave me his shirt and I put on it. His shirt was magnification for me but it did nothing I liked it.

-Thanks, I said, and smiled to myself.

-You don't say, Liam said and picked up something from his back pocket.

He held out his business card tilll me and I took it.

-I would like to have back the shirt so you can weld call me when you are at home or something, he said, and I nodded eagerly.


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