Love of my life

A love story of Rebecca and Liam Payne


20. New Year's Eve #2.

Liam parked outside Louis' and Eleanor's house.
I stepped out of the car and Liam came up to me.
He closed the car door behind me and locked the car.
I looked back at him and bit my lip.
He stood beside me and I hugged him.
-Baby...are you alright, he asked and I shook my head.
-I tell you at the stroke of midnight, I said, and he nodded and kissed my head.
We went to the front door and I rang the doorbell.
Eleanor opened.
-HELLO, she said cheerfully and moved on herself so we could go in.
I held Liam's hand tightly as he walked in and he pulled me after him.
I looked down on the hall floor and saw a lot of jackets lying everywhere.
Liam pulled me into the living room where it was a lot of people.
I was close to Liam and did not want to lose him.
Not now.
Not today.


Liam walked up to Louis, Harry, Niall and Zayn and I continued to hold his hand.
-Hi Liam and Becca, Louis said and smiled at me.
-Hi, me and Liam said together.
-Nicole is here, Niall said and nodded a little to the terrace.
Liam kissed me and wanted to release my hand so I could walk away but I continued to hold his hand.
-I'm sorry..., I said and dropped his hand and went to the terrace.
When I came out on the terrace, I felt a cold wind so I shivered and got goose bumps.
Nicole and Perrie looked at me.
I looked at them.
-I'm pregnant, I said, and Nicole spat out her sip of the drink she had in her mouth.
Perrie's eyes got wide.
-How long have you been pregnant, Nicole asked shocked.
-Since Christmas Eve, I said and bit me loosely in my lower lip.
-Have you told Liam, Perrie asked.
I shook my head.
-Of course I have not told him, I said.
Why not, asked Nicole.
-Because I had ruined his career if I had told him I was pregnant and just therefore should I get an abortion next week and he will never find out something, and his career is not ruined, I said.
I noticed how Perrie and Nicole looked nervously at me and I knew something was not right.

I turned around and saw Liam looked at me with tears in his eyes.
-You're pregnant and you do not tell me about it, he said.
-Liam...I can explain, I said, swallowing hard.

For the first time in a very long time, it hurt inside me.
Seeing Liam so sad and heartbroken hurt me deeply.

-You have not told me. The guy who wants to be a father to your children, Liam said and a tear ran from his cheek.
-I'm so sorry, 'I said and hugged him.
He pulled back and I saw how he pushed his feelings in a'' treasure'' at the bottom of his body.
-Happy new year what you want with the child but between us it's over, 'he said and gave me our last kiss together. (Atleast I thought so).

My heart broke into a thousand pieces when he said what he said to me.
I felt the cold, cool air was a hot, horrible and desirable air.
I shuddered and pushed me past Liam and into the living room.

My tears flowed when I squeezed my way past all the people who stood and talked in clumps.

Most of them were couples, friends, or someone who had just met.

There were so many people and yet it felt like I was the only person in the room.

I hurried out before someone stopped me.


All of a sudden, I was like a little child.
A small child who ran away from her feelings.
A litlet children who were on the run from everything in her life.




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