Love of my life

A love story of Rebecca and Liam Payne


24. My birthday #2.

I had fallen back to sleep and woke up to it began to rain.
A groan slipped out of me and I put a pillow over my head.
Liam walked into the room.
-Becca, he said uneasily, and sat in front of me in the bed.
I pulled the pillow from my head quickly and looked at him.
-What is it, I asked and sat up.
-Are we together again, he asked and looked into my eyes.
I looked at him and saw that he was sad.

A tear ran down from his cheek.
-Because if we are not a couple, I would be there for you and the baby and try to make you happy all the time. I want to sit next to you during labor and hold your hand and I want to be the guy you yell at because it hurts when you give birth to the baby. I want to buy gifts for you when you least expect it. I want to be the guy who gets jealous when another guy talks to you. I want to be the guy who gets hold your hand, kiss you and love you in front of everyone. I want to be the guy who gets to take with you on various parties and galas and I will love you forever, Liam said and cried.

I was petrified and just looked at Liam.
-I love you so much, I said and hugged Liam tightly.
Liam cried and hugged me.

-Liam it's the two of us to stay together, I said and Liam looked at me.
-The idea was that we would take a break from each other to put the test on our relationship. The idea was that we would go into each other at McDonald's, I said and Liam nodded.
-It's us, Liam said and took my hand.

We intertwined our fingers.
Liam held me close.

-It's fate that brought us together, Liam said.
-The fate brought together two idiots who love to sing, love noodles, are real Mario nerds, I said, and laughed a little.
Liam laughed.

I put my head on Liam's shoulder and sniffed in his perfume smell that dug up far in my nose.
I smiled to myself and felt safe.

Liam was playing with my hair.
I hated when people touched my hair but when Liam touched it was as if the thought of someone touched my hair was not in my head.


I kissed Liam's neck then I stood up.
-We can start our relationship again, I said and looked at Liam.
-What do you mean, he asked.
-We're dating, we live together, we'll have a baby together but we're not engaged, I said and Liam nodded.


Later in the evening Liam ordered pizza and we watched a football game between Manchester United against Arsenal.


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