Love of my life

A love story of Rebecca and Liam Payne


1. How we met.

It was a rainy summer day in July. Me and Nicole was on McDonalds. I was standing in the queue and ordered food. I was waiting for my and Nicole's food while I started thinking.

I noticed that a girl put up our food on a tray and pushed it a bit to me. The food looked tempting and I took the tray. Just when I turned around and had taken a few steps to the right, I happened to bump into a guy who went straight into me and I got all the food on me.


-I am so so so sorry, the guy said, and squatted down and began to pick up all the things that had fallen on the floor. I checked on my clothes and was in shock at the moment.

-AGGH!, Look what you've done with my clothes, I said very sour and irritated.

-I told you I was sorry plus so I did not see you, he said, and looked up at me.

-So now I'm small too..I said, but not as irritated anymore. I looked down at the guy and helped him up.

-Liam, Liam Payne, he said and shook my hand.

-Rebecca Nathanson, but you can call me Becca or Bex, I said, and was being watched him from head to toe.

He looked at me and I started walking towards the ladies.

It was a little queue outside toilet so I stood and waited. I looked sideways and saw Liam.

-What are you doing here, I asked a little iffy

-I owe you a shirt so I have to give you my shirt, he said, and pulled a little in his shirt. I rolled my eyes a bit and put my arms crossed and looked down. A few minutes later it was my turn so I opened the door to the toilet and did not close the door until Liam could come in.  


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