Love of my life

A love story of Rebecca and Liam Payne


12. First time.


I had just taken on a pair trousers that was up to my waist. The pants were bright pink with large white dots. I had a white tank top tucked inside the pants. My hair was dyed in the new very light blonde with light purple tops.
I had a simple and natural makeup.
I knew that Liam meant something special about the letter he had left before today so I decided to take on really sexy lingerie.
It rained still very much there but it did not matter because I would get to be with Liam.
I heard the doorbell rang so I stood up and rushed to the door.
I opened the door and looked at Liam.
-Hey, I said and smiled big.
-Hi darling, Liam said and bent down a little bit and kissed me.
I smiled big and backed away a bit and took my white Converse.
I felt Liam was being watched me.
I put on my converse and took my jean jacket, my keys and my cell phone.
I went out in the staircase and shut and locked the door.
Liam took my hand and tied my fingers through his fingers.
I smiled a little and we went out to the car.
It rained very much out there.
Liam unlocked his car and I sat in the front seat and Liam sat in the driver's seat.

Liam started driving and I looked at him during the whole car ride.

One and a half hours later.

Liam parked outside a hotel.
I went out of the car and watched Liam smiled at me.
I took his hand and we started walking into the hotel.
Liam went to the recip station and he had a key.
I looked at him and he nodded a bit towards the elevator.
I went to the elevator and pressed a button.
Elevator doors opened and I and Liam went into it.
Liam pressed a button on the floor at the top.
I smiled to myself as I looked down at the floor.
I felt two hands on my hips.
I looked up at Liam who had expectant eyes so I smiled.
I kissed Liam intensive and he kissed back.
Liam pushed me up against the elevator wall and started kissing my neck.
A groan slipped out of my mouth.
I looked at said and met his eyes.
The elevator stopped and we went out of it.

I started kissing Liam passionately while we went to our room.
I started to unbutton his shirt and Liam could not able to unlock the door until I had unbuttoned his whole shirt.
We kissed passionately and went into the hotel room.
Liam closed the door with his foot, and I kissed him hard.
The atmosphere was getting hot.
Liam began to unbutton my jeans while I kissed his neck.
I gave Liam a hickey and I knew he enjoyed.
I pulled off Liam his shirt and put my hands on his abs.
I felt a smile stretched on lips as we kissed.
I unbuttoned jeans and he started pulling off my jeans.
I smiled and stroked his abs.
Liam threw my jeans on the floor and took off his jeans.
I pulled off my tank top and threw it on the pile of clothes.
Liam put his hands on my hips and started kissing my neck.

We started walking towards the bedroom while we kissed.
I lay in bed and Liam settled over me.
I felt a bulge growing in Liam's bottom.
Liam stroked my stomach and I started kissing him hard and passionately.
I felt Liam's hands had begun to make their way up to my bra.
I nodded a little towards him and he undid my bra.
I looked at said and felt llite nervous because I was still a virgin, and he knew nothing.
I swallowed hard and took a deep breath.
-I'm a virgin, I said quickly and uncertain and looked into Liam's eyes.
Liam looked at me.
-You trust welling in me, he asked.
-Yes I do but I feel so stupid that I have not said anything, I said.
Liam stroked my cheek and gave me a peck on the mouth.
-I promise I'm wary of you, 'he said and I nodded.


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