Love of my life

A love story of Rebecca and Liam Payne


9. First kiss.


I grabbed his arm.

-Liam..if you really love me for real, so you stay here with me, I said, and looked into his eyes.

-Please, I said.

-Becca...I love you, 'he said and carried me up.

I looked into his eyes and smiled big.

It was the first time Liam said he loved me and I felt the whole I was filled with warmth and love.

-I love you too, 'I said and smiled big.

Liam threw me over his shoulder.

-NO!, LET ME DOWN, I said, and banged on his back.

Liam just laughed and went to the couch and dropped me down.

I sat up quickly and crawled back a little bit.

-It will prove that you love me huh...pff, I said a little sour.

-I was just kidding, 'said Liam and tried to get my attention again when I had looked away.

-Honey..., he said.

I looked straight into his big, brown, puppy dog eyes.

-What ,I asked.

Liam said nothing, but he approached me instead.

I grinned a little and Liam started kissing me all over the face.

-Okay, Okay! I'll talk to you, 'I said and smiled.

-Yeey, he said cheerfully.

I put my hands on his cheeks and there was silence between us.

We moved us closer together and in the end we were so close to each other so we could feel each other's body heat.  

Liam moved closer to me a bit and I pulled his face closer to my face.

Our lips met.

We kissed.

I could not believe it was true.


It did not feel like an ordinary and boring kiss, but it felt special.

It felt like a really click between us.

As bells rang and everything just got better.


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