Love of my life

A love story of Rebecca and Liam Payne


16. Cheating on you.

Me and Harry sat on a bench and talked.
-So how was it when I moved from England to Sweden, I asked and looked at Harry.
-I cried for a few hours then I was happy again, Harry said, grinning.
-Ha haI said and hit him a bit on his arm.
-No, but seriously so I missed you very much and I was not with anyone during breaks or at play so much, he said.
I hugged Harry and looked at him.
I saw that there was something wrong.
-Hazza, has something happened, I asked a bit uncertainly.
He looked into my eyes and nodded a little.
-Hazza tell me, 'I said and put my hand on one of his knees.
He swallowed hard and put his hand over my hand.
Harry's hands were still big as I had remembered them, and they had always been bigger than my hands.
-Harry came again tell me I said and continued to check on him.
-Liam is cheating on you, 'he said quickly, and I changed my smile to a sad face and became nauseous.
-Boo...I hope you're joking with me now ... I said and looked at Harry.
-Why would I even lie about such a thing, Harry said firmly and pulled out his cell phone.
He showed me some pictures of Liam and a girl.
They held each other's hands, hugged and kissed. seen more passionately looking than mine and Liam's relationship.
I stood up and began to walk quickly away.
The tears ran down along my cheekbones.
I cried and had never known me so cheated before.
-Becca stay, Harry shouted and ran to me.
He took my hand and I stopped.
I cried and my makeup looked certainly crazy out at this point.
Harry hugged me tightly and I felt safe.
I cried close to Harry's chest.
-Why did he do it, I asked.
-I do not know sweetie, Harry said and I looked up at him.
-I'm sorry but I have to go now, I said and went to the parking lot and went and sat in my car.
I cried and started the car and drove home.

When I was at mine and Liam's house, I parked the car outside the house.
I ran up along the narrow path to the front door.
I felt on the handle and it was unlocked so I went in and slammed the door with a bang.
I rushed into my closet and started crying more.
I took out my suitcases and started to pour down clothes and shoes in them.
-Hi darling, I heard Liam say.
I turned around and looked at him as he stood at the doorway.
He saw that I was crying and he was immediately upset.
-Darling what is it that is wrong, he asked and walked a few steps closer to me.
-You never call me darling do not need to mention my name more, I said indignantly, and sat down on the floor.
Liam looked at me and sat down in front of me.
I looked at him with an icy stare.
-I am moving and want to delete you from my life, I said with a thick lump in my throat and my eyes filled with tears again.
Liam looked at me and turned pale.
I stood up and took my suitcases.
-Next time you cheat you should be careful and remember that you are Liam Payne and no ordinary guy more, I said and walked out of the room and out of the house.

I left the suitcases in the trunk of my car then I sat in the driver's seat and started driving.
After about an hour and a half, I parked in a parking lot at a resturant.
I cried and put pin forehead against a steering wheel.
My heart had been broken into several thousand billion bits.
I just wanted to disappear but I couldnt.
I knew Liam did not mean to be shitty about being unfaithful but it hurt so much in me to know that he had kissed someone else instead of me.
Instead of spending time with me, he was with another girl who could kiss him in the morning.
I sighed deeply and heard a tapping on the window pane.
I did not even look up because I wanted to be myself.
-Baby...I heard Liam say and I looked up at him.
I locked up the car from the inside so he could come in and sit down.
He opened the car door and sat in the front seat.
-Baby, can you listen to me, he asked, and I looked out the window.

I had a big lump in my throat and do not want to cry in front of Liam.
-Babe I did not mean that I would do it..., Liam said and I turned around and looked at him.
-It was not can you even say cheated Liam and it's not especially fun because I get to know a person, I could take a bullet for is cheating on me, I said, trying to hold my tears.
I looked at Liam and he was about to cry.
-I loved you and I still only hurts in me because I know I can't trust you more..., I said  and started crying again.
Liam wiped away my tears but it was new all the time.
-You can trust me, he said and hugged me.
-It's not so easy, I said and cried violently against his chest.
-I want to trust you but you can not now..., I said  and breathed into Liam's smell.
-Please, Liam said and took my chin between his thumb and forefinger.
I looked at Liam and swallowed hard.
-All right you get a chance, I said  uncertain
-Thank you very, very, very much, 'said Liam and kissed me all over my face.
I giggled a little and hugged him tightly.

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