Love of my life

A love story of Rebecca and Liam Payne


4. At Liam's home.


It was about half past seven in the evening and I had just come home to Liam. I looked around in his apartment and was a little nervous and unsure of myself at the moment. I stopped and looked at a painting that was black and white with a bus that was red. The bus was the only thing on the entire board that had paint on them and I really liked it. I was so concentrated on the board so I did not notice that Liam stood beside me.

-What do you think about it, he asked and looked at the board then at me.

I winced a bit because I was not prepared for him to say something.

-Yeah, I like's different in some way and I like it, I said, and watched on the board late on him.

Liam smiled and looked at me. We just stood there and looked at each other. I was being watched Liam from head to toe a few times.

''OMG, he's gorgeous'', I thought, and smiled to myself.  

Liam woken up from his thoughts.

-The food is ready, so if you want to eat now, we can do that, he said, and I nodded.

Liam led me into the kitchen and pulled out a chair and I sat on it. He put the food on a plate for me and I smiled to myself. I looked at him and began to think a little. He sat down and he put up food for him self and we started eating.


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