Love of my life

A love story of Rebecca and Liam Payne


5. At Liam's home 2.


We had finished eating but sat and talked.

-Thanks for the food, it was really good, I said, smiling a little.

-No reason, I was still owe you a dinner, he said, and grinned a little.

Liam looked into my eyes but I tried not to react so much.

-So...tell me about yourself, he said.

-Why should I start to tell you, you might as well start by telling me about yourself, I said with a grin on my face.

Liam rolled his little eyes and I looked at him that he began to think.

I managed to stop him before he could say anything.

-My name is Rebecca you already know that, I turn 18 on July 5, I love to sing, photograph, go to the stables, run, watch TV shows and lots of other things, I said.

Liam looked at me and raised one eyebrow and looked very intreserad.

-Keep talking, he said.

-I work at Starbucks in the middle of london, my extra work in the evenings and weekends are at a club, I said and looked at Liam and sank down on the chair.

-What is your favorite kind of food, he asked a little curiously.

I was thinking a bit.

-Favorite food..hmm...I really love pasta but my favorite food is probably on a small China Resturang, away from where I live, I said.

Liam smiled to himself.

-Becca, he said.

I smiled big for myself. None of my friends had called me Becca since middle school.

-Yeah..., I said a little uncertainly.

-Will we make this more, asked Liam

. -Yes, of course we can do it but only if you want it, I want it very well because I think it would be really fun and as ,I said  and smiled while I was nervous and felt that I was just babbling and felt how nervous that into hell.

Liam laughed a little and looked at me.

-I got your number and you have my but I think I'll call you first, he said, and I nodded eagerly.


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