Love of my life

A love story of Rebecca and Liam Payne


15. Anniversary


I awakened by I felt Liam kissed my face.
I opened my eyes and yawned a bit.
I looked at Liam and smiled as he put his arm around me.
-Today we have been together for a year, said Liam happily and kissed me on the forehead.
I smiled and looked at him.
-I love you, I said and kissed him and sat up.
Liam pulled his arm away from me.
I sat astride on his stomach and he looked at me.
I started stroking his abs a little and looked at him.
-What will we do today, I asked curiously.
-We will be at home and not go out at all for us to spend the day by ourselves and not with some crazy fans, he said, and looked at me.
I smiled a little and leaned down and kissed him and he kissed me back with much passion.
-Liam,, I mumbled and watched him.
-What, he asked, was about to unbutton my bra.
-Not now ... okay, I said and stood up.
Liam looked a little disappointed in me.
I shook my head and went to my closet.
I took a knitted, light brown shirt with a red heart on.
I took a pair of jeans and a pair of socks then I took on my clothes.
I put your hair up in a messy bun then I went to the living room.
I saw that Liam was sitting in one of the couches so I went to him.

-Hi honey, I said and sat on his lap and put my arms around his neck.
Liam looked at me and smiled a little.
I decided to tease him a little.
-Liam it's really messy in my closet and I'm not going to clean up, I said.
Liam moved on me and got up and started running towards my closet.
I started to laugh a little.
Liam came out of the closet.
-Why are you lying, he asked a little irritated and started walking towards me.
-I'm just joking with you, I said and looked at him and started laughing myself.
-You will enough get, he said, and stood in front of me.
I checked on him. not think the idea...I said and started to curl up into a ball.
Liam began to tickle me.
I started laughing and tried to get him to stop.
-Stop that, I said, and began wriggling his legs.
-No, he said and continued.
I grabbed Liam's hand and led him to quit.
He looked at me and sat down on the couch.
I started thinking, and held in his hand.
Liam looked at me and smiled.
I snuggled closer to him.
He put his arm around me and I put my arms around him and laid my head on his chest.
-I love you, he whispered and kissed me on the forehead.
I smiled and looked up at him.

I started kissing his neck softly and put my hand on his chest.
I sat on his lap and put my legs around his waist.
Liam started stroking my tailbone and I kissed him passionately.
I smiled a little and looked at Liam who looked at me with expectation in his eyes.
-We making out , for longer than I don't want to go...okay, I said and he nodded.
I started kissing Liam again and he let a little bit of my tongue tip slip into his mouth.
Our tongues met and I groaned a bit.
Liam caressed my thighs and I started to get excited.
I started kissing his neck and Liam moaned a little.


A half-hour later.

Me and Liam sat on the couch and talked.

-Can I ask one thing, Liam asked and I nodded.
-I know this sounds strange but how how do you want to be proposed, he asked.
-Well, I've always had a dream since I was a little girl ... it'll be on Christmas Eve and it must have snowed a lot out there and it is still snowing, I'll go with the one I love the most on a bridge where the guy I love stops and sits down on his knees and proposed, I said, and smiled to myself.
-Do you think that guy could be me maybe, Liam asked and looked at me.
-You're the guy I love the most so yeah why not, I said and kissed him on the cheek.
Liam smiled big.
-Can I ask you a question now, I asked and Liam nodded.
-You want to have kids someday, I asked a little iffy, and bit my lip.
Liam looked at me and smiled.
-Of course I want it and I want you to be the mother, the children love you and you love them and you would be such a great mom plus so would our kids be very beautiful, 'said Liam and I smiled.
-So I take it that you want to have kids with me, I said and Liam nodded.
-What shall we call them, asked Liam.
-I have always wanted a daughter, and if I get it, she called Verity, I said

-It was a nice name, Liam said, smiling.
-Say a name that you want the child to be called, I said, and saw that Liam started thinking.
-I have always wanted my child to called Taylor .., he had time to say before I interrupted him.
-I love that name, I said and kissed him on the mouth.
-If it's a boy then, asked Liam.
-I like James, I said, smiling a little.
-Then we merge on a boy's name anyway, said Liam and I nodded.
-But now maybe we went a little too far, I'm not pregnant, I said and bit me a little loose in the lower lip.
-No, but we never know what may happen in the future, said Liam and moved back a little of my pile that had come before my eyes.
I smiled and got up.
-Where are you going, asked Liam and took my hand.
-Seriously Liam, can not I pull up my pants without you should start to worry about me, I said llite irritated.
Liam looked at me and released my hand and I pulled up my jeans since I sat down on the couch again.

I looked at Liam who looked at me.
-Are you hungry, I asked.
-I'm starving, he said.
I stood up and pulled up Liam from the couch and started walking towards the kitchen.
I opened the fridge and looked at Liam who immediately looked a little nervous.
-What darling, I asked, closing the fridge again.
-Nothing, he said, and smiled a fake smile.
I raised one of my eyebrows.
-Do not lie to me today, I said with a serious voice.
-I'm not lying I do not want us to eat a chilled product today, he said, and I looked a bit strange on him.
Liam went to the cupboard and took out a package with chocolate puffs.
I checked on him.
-Liam how the hell were you thinking now, I asked.
-What, he asked.
-You can not eat it because you do not use spoons, and neither do I., I said
-We should drink them with milk from a glass, he said determined, and took two glasses.
He poured puffs in the glass and took out the milk from the fridge.
I sat down on a chair, looked out the window.

Liam gave me one of the glasses and sat in front of me.
I started drinking and felt something hard in my mouth.
I swallowed the milk and took a napkin and spit out what I had in my mouth.
I looked into the napkin and saw a necklace with a pendant that was an L.
I smiled big.
-Aw thanks darling I said and stood up and walked over to him.
I hugged him and kissed him all over his face.
-I love you, I said and continued to hug him.
Liam smiled and I looked at him.
-I love you, I said again, and kissed him on the cheek.
-I love yo...,did I say before Liam interrupted me.
-I love you really much, Liam said and kissed me.
I smiled and watched the necklace.
-It's wonderful, 'I said and smiled big.
-Not as wonderful as you, Liam said and gave me a peck on the cheek.

Later on in the evening.

I had fallen asleep and wake up to hear that Liam showered.
I started thinking and got up.
I went into the bathroom and took off my shirt.
-Baby is that you, Liam asked.
-Yeah, can I take a shower with you, I asked uncertainly.
-Yeah of course you can, just take off your clothes then you get into the shower, he said, and let happy.
I took off my clothes quickly then I went into the shower.
Liam pulled me close to himself.
I smiled and looked at him while the hot water ran down our bodies.
-Happy anniversary, Liam said and kissed me.
I kissed back and smiled.
I was happiest in the world to have Liam here with me right now.

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