Love of my life

A love story of Rebecca and Liam Payne


11. An unexpected letter.


It had been about two weeks since Liam slept over at my house and we had not met. I missed Liam very much. It was a Sunday and I had just komit home from work. My apartment was new, cleaned and it was clean everywhere. It rained and thundered outside. A real huge storm simply. I had lit scented candles almost anywhere in the apartment. Everything felt so perfect when I stood in the kitchen and had just taken out a pack ben & jerry from the freezer and a spoon from a drawer and I started eating ice cream. Just when I had begun to see on an episode of Pretty Little Liars as the doorbell rang. I paused the episode and traveled at me and started walking to the door. I opened the door and looked down and saw a bouquet of flowers so I smiled. It smelled Liam and I understood that he had been here. I picked up the flower bouquet and saw a card. The flowers were pink and white. -Hmm .. he knows what I like, I murmured to myself. I went in and closed the door behind me. I took a vase and filled it with water and put in the flowers. They smelled of summer and it made me happy. I took the card and read it.
I'll pick you up at 19:30 in the evening.
Wear something beautiful...and something else :p.
XOXO Your Liam.'''
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